Saturday, August 23, 2008


I was wishing to do an entry on everything going on but really do not know if I can get the words out that in a way that makes any sense at all, but I will try since a few people following my Twitter and Tumblr accounts have asked about my posts there.

We made it through the Hurricane ok. (capital H, always for me.) We were trapped in our apartment because the apartment complete parking lot and the streets around us were way, way under the water. We live on the second floor, had plenty of food and water, and had power so we knew we would be ok. We bought extra water supplies because the day the hurricane was due to hit our complex's water pipes burst and we didn't have water until that night. The next day while the rain was still coming down pretty bad we noticed Salem was having trouble doing the pee thing and he had did the deeds on some stuff the night before and the start of the day but because he kept trying to go in the box and nothing happen we got worried. We adventured out into the waters, they had gotten low enough for Wave's car to barly make it to the vet down the street, which itself was almost under water, and they put him on a special wet diet and we took him home. We thought he was fine because he sure let loose a pee storm, yea storm! on our couch but we were happy he was doing the pee thing, but after that he started all over again spotting around the apartment and not able to use the box. We took him back to the vet. This time they took X-Rays, gave him a shot, and gave us pills to give him. Poor guy two days in a row had someone stick something up his peewee. We brought him home and he seems ok now. He actually stood half in the box and peed in the floor and seems to be fine. This with the hurricane, Wave starting classes, money problems, and being faced with the fact that we can not take him to the vet that many more times for money issues has us at a loose end. Last night friends cooked us dinner to take our minds off things but when we got back home I couldn't sleep and stayed up all night with Salem. Wave went to work for the first time in like a week and I still don't know if I can sleep I'm still so worried about him.

The money issue really bothers me because I'm in pretty bad shape mayself, really sick most days, but it's my fault. I could have stayed at my old job, I could have took better care of my money, but Salem, this is my fault that we can not just say do everything you can think of to make him better. I'm not trying to play a pitty game when a fellow life I love is sick, I'm judging myself guilty. I really hate myself right now.

If I left anything out, God don't tell me, maybe I was able to put something totally out of mind.


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