Monday, May 31, 2010


Over the weekend we went back to where I grew up in Virginia. Not only did we visit my home town and family but a number of other places in VA and TN. We have hundreds of photos of caves, national parks, family, roads, deer, and happy moments but I just picked out a few images that I took from my phone to use here in this post. You can check my Twitpic feed for more images but most are on Mar's camera which kicks my cameras ass. I will give a few brief comments with each photos.

We landed in Knoxville and drove to Gatlinburg to stay so we would be near the Smoky Mountain Park.

Roadside near the Sugarlands Visitor Center.

Mar took this picture of me getting in some writing on the rough of my third book as she was off changing for the drive home. My second book is being edited as I type this.

Greenville TN, Andrew Johnson historic site.

Natural Tunnel where we went a lot of times as a family.

Going down the Natural Tunnel lift.

The Wise County library. Where I spent many days after school.

This place in the library holds a memory of me sitting down and in one full read going through DUNE.

CAVALIER COMICS, the local comic shop located in Wise. I didn't go in since I wasn't holding any spending money and would have felt bad just looking around.

My High School. Not too many fond memories to be honest but one of the goals of this trip was me finally getting past a lot of things that have been eating at me for years.

The entrance to GAP CAVE in Cumberland Gap Park.

A great picture from inside the cave.

The cave exit.

Pinnacle Point. Now that's a view.

I collect these from places we go.

See on one, and see, on the other side.

We almost missed our flight. The flight home turned out to be ok, though I  had a very nervous kid beside me who couldn't sit still for a second during the trip.


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