Sunday, May 2, 2010


Parts One - Four

Written by Tony Lee
Art by Matthew Dow Smith
Colors by Charlie Kirchoff
Letters by Chris Mowry, Robbie Robbins; Neil Uyetake
Edits by Denton J. Tipton
Covers by Paul Grist, Phil Elliott, Matthew Dow Smith, Charlie Kirchoff
Published by IDW

If you have no problems with a little Canon Wank then you may enjoy this four part story, I did. Issue #2 left as The Doctor was arrested by The Shadow Proclaimation by the hands of the Judoon. I will not get into all of the mentions and appearances from The Doctor's past but to say that I really enjoyed some of the writing on the subject that I've not seen attacked before of what happens after The Doctor has defeated an enemy. Effects on that enemies people as a whole is something that I don't think has been approached before and that alone is saying something with a property that has been around for as long as the Doctor Who universe has been.

I still have my misgivings on whether Tony Lee will be able to keep up the quaility of writing needed in the long run for a series such as this but so far I have to admitt he has done so. Fugitive is a story that starts in a fashion seen so many times in sci-fi and several times in Doctor Who itself but it takes many little directions not appraoched that often that the story keeps a fresh appraoch to it. I did not have much hope for this series being anything more than just a licensed book sold to hardcore fans. I mayself being one but so far the art and writer has been much more than that and I hope Tony Lee and the team can keep that up for many issues into the future.

To get caught up on the series in reviews to current issues I will be doing reviews of each storyline until I find mayself with the new issues coming out. From there I will review each issue as it comes out.

This four part story is one of political chess pieces involving peace not for no more war but peace for a smaller scale of war and less choas and this was a approach I really found interesting.

A little pet peeve of mine with writers writing for the 10th Doctor. Ok, writers, enough with the "One warning" thing. It's been done to death by now. Even The Doctor doesn't repeat himself this often.

Old enemies and sometimes allies find appearances of worth in here and not just thrown in either. There's actually a point to most of it. Talk of characters accross the board including the Big Finish audio stories finds me really wanting to give this story 3 out of 5 stars but my bit of not faith in not wanting to get my hopes up for the series to coutinue with the good appraoches all around found in the start to this series has me giving it 2 out of 5 and I know that does not do it justice. Also this paragraph sucks.

I'm glade IDW has taken on the time honored tradation of giving us new compaions for these new stories. The comics of the past, the novels, the audios, have all done so and issue #6 does this also. I like that because by doing so each take on the Doctor Who Universe has its own fresh take that doesn't exist anywhere else.

To end here I want to say I hope IDW keeps up and coutinues the quality of writing and art they have given The Doctor and his travels both in this series, the one-shots, and the reprints. As a geektastic Doctor Who fan I will be buying every issue that comes out but that doesn't mean I don't want great stories also and so far IDW has done so. Here's hoping IDW gets the license also for Torchwood, U.N.I.T., Sarah Jane, and others from the whole of the Doctor Who universe because I think to this point they have did nothing but keep a move forward take on something people world wide love greatly.

review written by Brian C. Williams


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