Monday, May 9, 2011

My New Writing Space

I thought I'd post some new pictures about my new writing space I setup in the bedroom. It's helping me get so much more done being away from the internet connection, the TV, PS2, books, and also keeping me away from the kitchen is helping my diet. This is what it looks like kind of close up with the laptop ready for my madness.

Pull back a little further and you get to see the filling cabinet and the chair. The chair is really bad on my ass so I added some padding to it.

The cork board is a little bare at the moment. The little pieces of paper are quotes and the paper lining the bottom remind me of project releases I have planned. I need to start writing all my notes in pen though because even with a desk lamp near by the lighting in our bedroom sucks. The only places in our apartment with a over head light is the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom.

These are maps I keep around at all times but not because stories I'm writing are based in these areas but because it helps me think of how a city should be mapped out. I mainly use them for thinking out chase scenes or other forms of action.

My writing books that line the behind the laptop. Yes, I have a Stylebook. No, it still hasn't sunk in yet. The single group of books that have helped me the most in my writing are Scott ScCloud's books. I reread them all the time and learn something new each read through. Strangely I was introduced to those books in a Philosophy class.

More books. Mainly books about ways to talk dirty, useless facts, list books, and conspiracy theory books.

I've had these bookends for a long time. They use to bookend my Neil Gaiman books but I have so many now they have their own bookcase.


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