Tuesday, May 24, 2011

REVIEW: Doctor Who - The Rebel Flesh


This review was late for a number of reasons. We got a text from a good friend we hadn't seen for a long time and went over for drinks, food, and laughter on Saturday night. Then Sunday was Geocaching day and Monday...well, Monday was a Monday.

So with me being late getting this out I'm going to try and do something a little different for this episode and comment as I watch. Maybe this way I'll actually talk about the episodes story more than just rambling on and on.....and on.

The cold opening was simple and worked to hint at the story to come. This is called a cold opening right? Almost all of my script writing training has disappeared so I forget?

I love how The Doctor, Rory, and Amy looked like a group of friends traveling in that opening but as Amy and Rory are relaxing The Doctor is brooding about the readouts about Amy's positive/negative pregnancy. That was one of the things that hurt some of the companions in the past and keep them from being more than one sentence characters.

I love that this story isn't taking place in some high tech ship or building. That gives it a lot of atmosphere and grounded nature to this story. A great location was chosen both for inside and outside filming. Wonder if they are the same place?

A nice little Frankenstein feel during that storm and even more so later in the story? As many times as The Doctor has fell off things you would think he was afraid of heights. Hell, that's how the 4th Doctor ended up regenerating {see classic series story- Logopolis}

How cute, Rory wants to protect someone.

One of the biggest themes in scifi is the question of What is life? And it will never get tired when written well because we will never get closer to that answer, only farther away from it.

Don't stare Rory when a head on a snake is coming at you, run you nurse you.

Sometimes things that run away screaming come back really scary.

Sorry but the more I think about that thing that came at Rory, the more it reminds me of Anime Tentacle Porn. {Now that should get me some site visits. For all the wrong reasons.}

I have the feeling that Amy and Rory are going to either leave the TARDIS because she's pregnant or because he feels useless or some such boy ego nonsense while traveling with her and The Doctor.

See someone needs Rory. Men can be so stupid. Don't get me wrong, I really like Rory but this is pretty easy to see that what they are doing with him in this episode is way in your face because most of the episodes with him have been so Rory light. That's what happens when you misuse a character or push him into the background and then all of sudden notice him for a episode when you have something big to use him on. I think it hurts for the overall strength of a series. Make characters well rounded all the time and the skies are the limit.

You know with all those different versions of people floating around, this would be a good time for a Agatha Christie murder to drop.

Some people will say this is basic scifi but there are reasons basic scifi works. Stick it with artists of great acting, art direction, and the like and the basic can go way beyond basic and into your mind within so many levels.

And now I have to wait two weeks for Part Two. 

4 out of 5 stars


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