Sunday, June 5, 2011

REVIEW: Doctor Who - The Almost People

Once again I'm going to review this episode while watching it. Do so creates a sort of stream of thought form to the review. This time though it will be upon a second viewing.

I want to say up front I really liked this two part story and the break of a week between episodes here in the U.S. didn't hurt the story flow. The "Previously" shown before Part Two started did a very good job of catching you up on what has happen already even if you had not seen Part One.

The Doctor copy struggles with  throwback moments of memories from the 3rd and 4th Doctors and if you are a true Doctor Who geek hearing Tom Baker's voice once again on the series make childhood peek its head up for a moment to say hi.

I love Matt Smith in these two Doctor's moments. I love how he's even a little snarky with himself.

Oh, there's Rory still off trying to be "wanted"/"needed" by someone.

One of my favorite things about the Doctor is how he is always paying attention. And specially when no one else is listening like when a man  is talking about the son he loves and wants to see again. And how that is what ends up showing everyone what being alive truly is. To wish to have love in your life.

I wonder if actors get paid twice for playing two different roles? I'll have to ask some friends.

Please writers of Doctor Who, don't let Rory become another Turlough who for a lot of stories just wondered through places and or ended up being chained to walls. I like how Rory is doing more for these episodes but hope its not a nothing masked as something.

Walls of eyes. Such a quick, easy, creepy, and great visual that says a lot.

Rory was played a fool trying to be a hero. Wonder if that will come back to haunt him? I know it has in my life.

"If you're not sick by midmorning you're not doing it right." Love that line.

The fans have had such a great run of actors in the role of the Doctor in the modern era. Matt Smith just owns scenes. Sometimes to the point that he wipes others off the screen and I don't mean in any sort of camera hogging, overacting situation. He's just that damn good as the Doctor.

You can see that Amy is hurt that Rory took orders from the Doctor to stand away from her.


A very creepy ending I thought.


Doctor Who
The Almost People
4 out of 5 stars

*for more information on old school references I made: Vislor Turlough


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