Thursday, June 16, 2011

REVIEW: Doctor Who - issue #16


Written by Tony Lee
Art by Matthew Dow Smith
Colors by Charlie Kirchoff
Letters by Neil Uyetake
Edits by Denton J. Tipton
Cover by Paul Grist; Phil Elliott

This review was going to go up yesterday but we didn't have power all day due to a normal Florida summer storm and then Mar's car died in the middle of the highway as she was taking her younger sister home; so there went anything getting done on Wednesday.


I will try to get a couple reviews of Torchwood issues up today also.

And here we find ourselves at the end game of the Final Sacrifice story and the 10th Doctor ongoing series. The one thing I got the most out of this series was how much I enjoyed the character of traveling companion Emily. I really loved this character and her visual design. I really wished we had more time and more stories with her but this is what we have. She's probably my favorite new companion outside Doctor Who television since Evelyn in the 6th Doctor Big Finish Audios and Fitz in the BBC 8th Doctor novels.

Matthew was the Doctor's other original traveling companion at the end of this series but he became more a story tool than an actual character. He probably could and would have been much more if he would have had more stories to have his characters explored but I found him a waste here and merely a tool and a main character should never just be a story tool. When that happens you end up with Steph....nay, I'm rushing to get a lot done this week but I'm going to try and keep from being mean or ass hat like.

But onto the story itself and if you don't like messy timey wimey stuff you will more than likely not like elements of how this story ended. I don't mind that stuff so much because I've been reading time travel stories for years so none of that stuff gets to me even when not written well but the thing that did bother me here was how things ended for Emily. As I said I really liked her as a companion but the ending sort of puts her away for good in a fashion. 

Final Sacrifice was a bland story that had some really cool moments in the last two parts and ends the IDW adventures of the 10th Doctor on a so so note. Even the recall to the First Doctor at the very end with a quote was so cut and paste you would think the writer probably did so by visiting a Doctor Who quotes website.

I'll say it here again. I really think the Doctor Who comics need new and fresh writers and this would have been a good point for Tony Lee to move aside for other writers. He has done a nice job with these stories for the most part but some of the better IDW Doctor Who comics have been the one shot issues. Now I know he is writing the 11th Doctor series{working my way to them}so I hope he steps up his game.

After rereading that last bit I have to say that when I review Doctor Who stuff the true fanboygeek in me really comes out with gushing, complaining, and bitching. 

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