Monday, June 6, 2011


*written at the end of several nights after many hours of working on short stories. So a little warning.

I didn't come to this place in my life as a person or a writer by choice. Hell its blinding to me when someone acts like you choose to be a addicted writer. And that's what most writers are, addicts. Like I would choose this, especially with my limitations in intelligence. Like a crack head joansing(is that how you spell- joansing?}in a corner of a abandoned building blowing people for a little bag of sugar that he thinks is crack is choosing that. And I know if I was a crack head that would happen to me because I'd make even other crack heads look smart. Though most politicians make me look smart. Thanks for something my government.

My non writing state of life came about basically of me making a choice but the action I took was one I thought was something I had no choice to do because no one else was going to do it. I tried to stand up and fight and then found out when you try to do that sometimes you turn around to find everyone you are standing up for has moved very far back behind you. In my case they moved to another state and told the bosses everything was golden.

My non writing state of sanity after so many years living inside my own head was at a good state until someone I tried so hard to help ended up twisting me back to that bad state in my life where I hated everything about me. I wont comment further but to say when those mental illness commericals come on that say something along the lines that you should do everything you can to help a friend. That's ok and all but there is no honor in losing the strength of your own life in the steps of someone else's misery. And also that there is no dishonor in thinking about your own life.

But I'm here to talk about writer boy. The other guy is broke, mostly in pain, and feels helpless.

This is just how the course has laid itself out for me as a writer. I'm a writer who writes ebooks{that includes short stories, novels, and poetry collections} and when I think about it this was the course I was probably always heading down. From writing my own by hand copies of my stories and handing them out to my teachers in school, to printing copies of stuff in high school and doing my own comics with local artists, its all about taking control of my stories and keeping them in my own hands as much as possible.

Things changed a little for me in college when I mixed writing my own stuff, totally under my control, sometimes working with others, with doing a business model. And I mean business model by a company looking to make money and not just make a living doing what I want to write so I can keep writing. That happen with me creating my own company, finding some points of success, but then falling on my face, my life tumbling out of control, and read a move to Florida and breakdowns 1 and 2 into that part of the story.

Why would anyone move to Florida except during a breakdown?

But within all of that previous I found a connection with how the internet works.

I'm writing this as I enter into a week where I need to focus on writing and get away from the internet to get as much stuff done as possible before I head to New Orleans for ALA. I'm not heading to ALA as a book saleing writer. I go everywhere as a writer but this trip is with my love, a great librarian, because I think every writer secretly wants to find  a librarian who will fall in love with them because all writers already love librarians.

A lot of people think the only reason I enjoy doing ebooks is I can't get published by a "real" publisher. I still submit to publishers but if I have the choice, this is my choice. I'd rather do my work, my stories, my thoughts in fantasy, pain, fear, joy, love, fate, sex, madness, insanity. My story not just warts and all but warts, scabs, and mouth out of control and all. But also if I had cash I would hire editors and cover artist. I'm not stupid but I am cash low and still writing.

Another thing I want to say before going any further is how much a few people have inspired me. Now there are a lot of writers writing now that inspire me greatly such as Gail Simone, Neil Gaiman, Paul Cornell, Courtney Summers, Carolyn Mackler, and Nova Ren Suma but there are also those people out there doing their thing in their spaces of work, in their ways such as Kevin Smith and Amanda Palmer and every writer, singer, painter, podcaster- putting their necks out there with a slightly turned head to the world around them. People will ask you why you are doing what you are doing and all you can say in the end is that I'm a writer. This walking meat package is a writer, even if I'm working washing dishes or cleaning up after others, I'm still a writer because this is my addiction.

So what is the mission plan for my writing? I've really enjoyed this monthly limited series I have been doing in Chaos Poetry. I'm going to continue with monthly releases and in August I will be starting a ongoing series of Tin Universe stories leading off from my ebook novel THE PAST FORWARD. August will see Tin Universe #7{the seventh story in the universe} and will rotate monthly with another series that will be called Chaos Read which will focus all all kind of stories I want to get out. It will be a no limits type of series.

I will list at the end of this what my plans are for the remainder of this year publishing wise but I actually have hard first drafts of enough short stories to go monthly through 2014 but I'm also going to be working on novels, submissions, and other projects during these times and taking November off every year from the monthly schedule to drown myself in something different{hopefully next full size book}.

I'm doing these short story series 1 because most of my book ideas don't hit book size and two I think the future of short stories are in individual ebook releases. Also doing these types of ongoing short story series are probably the nearest I'll ever get to working on a comic book series as a lot of the terminology for my ebook projects are from that world such as limited series, one shots, and the like.

And fully addressing the ongoing monthly ebook short story series and trying my best to get to the point and ending this, One will a ongoing series of stories with links from one to the other. That will be the Tin Universe series. The other while also have linked elements but will be more self contained and move through all of the universes that exist inside my insane mind. That will be Chao Read.

I'll resurface here before ALA to post the link to Chaos Poetry Part Three when I upload it.

JAN Chaos Poetry: Part Three
JULY Chaos Poetry: Part Four
AUGUST Tin Universe #7: A Little Pulpy Goes A Long Way
SEPT Tin Universe #8: The Hillbilly Jungle
OCT Chaos Read #1: Mexican Coffee
NOV *will be taking part in NANOWRIMO
DEC Tin Universe #9: Mystery From Bunker Hill

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