Friday, June 17, 2011


-Just finished uploading this. Buy, Share, Pass On, you know the pitch. 

-Only one more volume to go in July for this limited series of poetry albums each containing part of a 4 Part story. 

-In August I start my monthly short story series with Tin Universe #7: A Little Pulpy Goes A Long Way. 

*Really enjoying writing right now. Doing the poetry volumes for four straight months has given me a new writing energy. Can't wait to let others read what I will be trying to do with the monthly short story series. August is Tin Universe #7 and September Tin Universe #8. Then from October on the Tin Universe series will rotate monthly with my second series Chaos Read with the only month without a short story being in November. I have four months of stories finished and three years worth of short stories in 1st draft form.

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