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If River is...? And the baby is...? And the little girl who regenerated is...? Then how did she...? Is it because she's only...? But I wish...

Yes, here we are at the end episode for the first part of the season. I'm split on this split season thing. Maybe I'll comment on that later.

I know a lot of people I talk to haven't spoken that positive about this episode but I think some people just don't like the over the top aspects of the Christmas Specials and season enders and that's basically how this episode was laid out. I really don't mind them. Oh, and that opening, even Mar thought it was intense and liked it and she is way from being a big time Doctor Who fan. (she likes Torchwood better than Who. But that's mainly for the boy kissing.)

As a old school fan one thing about the new series that bugs me is how the alternate reality Cybermen are now the main reality Cybermen. Did they invade other planets besides Earth when they came to the main Doctor Who reality? They should have made little changes then you could do a alternate Cybermen Vs. Regular Cybermen story. Ok, good, my geeking ramble is out of the way at the beginning so I can get on with this write up.

Once again I'm writing this review as I rewatch the episode so it will be all over the place. Just warning you. Also tonight I'm writing it while talking to several people online.

The Headless Monks are creepy in the way most writers go but then edit themselves. Also they remind me of Earthworm Jim, remember him?

BBC America commercial comment: Chris Hardwick hosting Ministry Of Laughs. I'm in. Nerdist is one of my favorite podcasts.

Ok, this needs to happen. Spin off series set in London 1888 A.D. Enough said. Get to it BBC.

I love the idea of how and why a Sontaran would become a nurse.

This episode has a certain Farscape feel to it. Did anyone else feel that? Maybe it was just the pineapple pizza I just ate?

Not a fan of the Headless Monks swords though. Maybe just have them doing the Force lightening thing as their weapon of choice? Not like they were actually doing much anyways. Looked to mainly be there for that Doctor reveal.

I know making the soldiers look human in their uniforms and dress is suppose to ground things with the audience but I still would have rather seen them in some sort of futuristic uniforms. That would have twisted the bit of them teaming with the Monks even more.

Mar, "Pirates!"

Matt Smith once again did such a great job in this episode. He looked like he was about to snap at times. I kept wondering if he was about to start to hear the Master's drumming at any moment. I was hearing it watching his eyes.

"Melody Pond is a superhero." Williams sucks as a last name. Nothing but drunks and horse thieves...and hack writers.

This episode and the past two seasons I think have been a lot about how much the Doctor changed during and after the Time War. I don't think the shows talents are trying to take him back to some sort of "better time" but I do think they know how much darker the show is perceived to be now but using that within a storyline to show the ripples you put out into life even when doing good is so creative.

Babies, births, marriages, classically ruin very good TV shows. It's just a fact. Very few shows have survived this razors edge.

One of the only big problems I have with this episode is its basically the same sort of setup as the end of last season with the Doctor looking like he has found victory to have it be a trap. I hope that doesn't become the same trip for each seasons ender.

A friend just told me, "When the baby disappeared from Amy's arms I paused breathing thinking about my baby in the other room."

The end scenes with the Doctor and River big time and then Amy and River also were so full of intensity that it makes me want to scream to people How Can You Not Love That? Those moments? You might not like the whole idea of River and or Amy having a baby but those scenes. Damn.

Another friend asked me if I think its time they rebooted the Doctor Who universe? That what's happening now with the Doctor's legend and effect on the universe maybe they need to clean the slate a little?
As a long time fan my knee jerk reaction is to say no but here is the thing. I think a reboot wouldn't be that bad as long as the Doctor himself wasn't rebooted. If it happen that way everything still would happen in the canon in a sort of way but also a complete fresh start. 
That or you would use the idea of the lost classic episodes to tell a story about the Doctor's history being erased and then you could have him at least with some parts of history have a new start. You could also reshoot those episodes. Some great stories there.
Would I reboot in any of these fashions? No, because I think people saying canon strangles creativity are lazy. It can if you go fan nuts and fan wank all over the place with it but saying canon kills all the time is the same to me as saying there aren't any new ways to tell a story. It's like people saying laws crush life. Be creative, work within, do your work with a little sweat on your forehead.

So with all that rambling I have to say I can't wait to see what the creative team of Who for us in late summer.



Mar, "Didn't Quentin Tarantino already do that?'
I love her so.

Doctor Who
A Good Man Goes To War
4 out of 5 stars

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