Sunday, May 8, 2011

REVIEWS: Doctor Who - Curse Of The Black Spot

I've read a few reviews of the third episode of the new season of Doctor Who. And more than one of those reviews commented that this episode was dull, small, and not epic enough. I can see where they might say those things but I think that's because they have seen pirate movies like the Johnny Depp ones and it's spoiled them.

I enjoyed the claustrophobic atomosphere of this story contained for the most part on one set. When the story jumped to the TARDIS or the alien vessel it did so with great story depth to add to the tale. Though I'm one of those people who hates that there are never any Doctor Who episodes any more that don't involve aliens or something supernatural. Doctor Who can tell any kind of story and it also can survive doing that without always having a monster or the like.

Anyone who has spent a few days on a boat can tell you that two things very quickly come to your mind. One thing is that it really doesn't take long for you to know that you have traveled and in some cases touched every inch of the ship and two that there isn't any world outside that boat. I don't think this episode needed huge establishing shots, flashbacks to the boys mother, or any of the like. It's about this boat, in this spot, with these people, and this situation. It was good to see the energy of Matt Smith's Doctor held to such a small space.

I myself enjoyed Curse Of The Black Spot. As I talked about with my first two episode write ups I think with all the threads left to pay off from the two part opening episodes, as the season goes on, this season needs more than a few episodes which at least in appearance need to be self contained. This is not only to give the viewer a sit down in one viewing experience but also to let there be chances for new viewers to jump on the train for the ride.

The acting once again was spot on from the whole cast. I love the special effects in this story because they reminded me a lot of old school effects. I love modern effects but also love when modern shows know when to hold back and not go nuts all the times. That's why a lot of U.S. produced shows can't do scifi with much creativity. 

This story sends me into recall thinking about the classic series 4th Doctor episode The Stones Of Blood. Check it out, its on DVD and part of The Key To Time storyline that lasted a whole season and you can buy it that way in a season set also. This season also contains stories written by Douglas Adams if you are a fan. And you should be a Douglas Adams fan. If your not a Douglas Adams fan you suck.

But back to this generations Who. One of the things people keep talking about is what will this seasons main theme will be? Will it be Amy having a baby? The Time Lord race returning? Or her admitting her love for the Doctor? But what I see happening and what I hope is happening is it being a strengthening of the relationship and love between Amy and Rory. Though at the end it might all be to just rip them apart in some fashion.

Oh, and one more thing. People have asked why I call these reviews when they are not reviews in the traditional sense I guess? Well, I don't really write those type of reviews. All of my reviews are more or less just my thoughts about the story that are currently coming out of my brain as I write the review along with a star rating. Plus, I hate most reviews because they either try to go all positive or all negative and also contain way too many spoilers; which I try to avoid.


4 out of 5 stars


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