Friday, October 12, 2012

Missiles, Museums, and Did You Know Bruce Willis Was in Apollo 13?

     Wednesday we spent exploring the history of space exploration. We visited the Space & Missile History Museum, went on a free tour of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station which included a tour of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse, and stopped at the Titusville Space Museum.
     Couple of tips. One, if you want to go on the free tour, call and make your appointment, (the email available bounces back).
     Two, the Space & Missile History Museum gift shop is good but the one you will visit on the tour is the best one. I say save your money for that shop.
     And Three, these pictures don't do justice to how cool all of this was. I took like 600 pics on the day because there was so much awesome. If you're local you HAVE to check these places out and if you get down here or love space history you need to take the time to stop by.

Does Tony Stark have his hands in everything?

The Space & Missile History Center is worth it alone even if you don't go on the tour. The displays would be very appealing to young kids.

Wasn't this in the opening of a show with a certain bellybutton-less lady?

The tour also gives you insights to the area before modern times showed up.

There is so much information on this trip. I wish you could do the tour without a guide still. I want to go back because you just didn't have time to read all the interesting facts or see everything.

One of the many great displays you will get to see.

Mar took this picture which I didn't actually see. That's why a photo buddy is a good idea.

Now that should get your imagination going.

I was surprised and very happy to see so much information on early women who trained to go into space.

Another good suprise is how it wasn't just American space travel as this displayed showed.

Monkeynauts and Astrochimps. ASTROCHIMPS!!!

What the chimps traveled in.

They have a good area for I Dream Of Jeanie information. 

I loved that the gift shop on the tour had a patch for every pin and a pin for every patch in case you only buy one and not the other. I collect patches. I picked up one for the Mercury Women and one for the Cape Canaveral Airforce Station which also featured the lighthouse.

Speaking of the lighthouse. This was one of the coolest lighthouses we have visited because it was the first that contained rooms on each floor as you went up.

They made a gazebo out of an old lighthouse top.

Another cool feature of this lighthouse was a midway outside exit and entrance.

Mercury time capsule

You get to tour the launch area and memorial of Apollo 1.

The Titusville Space Museum Walk Of Fame was way more than what we were expecting. It contains a gift shop that's ok but the museum itself is one of the best I've seen on space travel. I won't comment on all of the following photos but believe me I could have posted all the photos I took and still not done it justice.

If you want to see old technology then you would love both museums.

One thing I liked are these Russian cosmonaut posters and Russian space program information.

Not that's a cool photo image.

Neil Fucking Armstrong.

More Neil A. Fucking Armstrong.

Overall this trip has to rank high as one of  my favorite trips we have went on locally.

     A story within the trip was two couples that were doing the tour together. One old couple and one younger couple. They were really a pain in the ass. They were constantly holding up the tour, last on the bus, and keep talking through everything the tour guide said.
     When we got to the museum and the lighthouse guide was telling us about how the lighthouse was pre-fab metal built in NY and they moved the lighthouse here.  This guy was ranting about how that was impossible. Mar being a world class smart ass said, "Yea, the next thing you know they'll try to tell us they transported the parts of a statue from France to New York City."
     Later when talking Apollo missions this exchange happen, "When we get home we should watch Apollo 13 about the accident." "Yea, Bruce Willis is great in that." "No, I don't think it was Bruce Willis." "It was Jim Carey." "Yea, Jim Carey."
     At the end of the tour we all got comment cards to fill out and the pain in the ass couples were ranting about putting how Obama hates the space program and cuts everything on their cards. Dumb fuck people everywhere you go.

Mar has been busy today also.


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