Thursday, October 18, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012

     The past three years I have taken part in and finished NaNoWriMo and it's been some of the most exciting, fun, and productive times of my writing life. I think the more you write, the more your brain can get clouded with thoughts of what a story should be; so I think its really good to just freely exercise that writing muscles from time to time without watering the process down. To me doing NaNoWriMo is like running. All the machines and routines are great but sometimes you still need a good run for your life to get your heart up and survival skills ready to strike. It also cleans out the brains caches so to speak.

     My writing area war room or war corner is more accurate. The rest of the room, well, you don't want to see that. Nothing to see but diplomas, dirty underwear, and cat tunnels.
     With all the normal writing I do every month adding NaNoWriMo to that will mean I will have to get all the way away from things like TV and the internet which I usually have playing in the background to keep the voices at bay. With NaNoWriMo I let them out.
     There is no TV in this room and I will be writing on my really really old laptop which can't connect to the internet even if I wanted it to.
     P.S.- all of my November releases will new editions of previously released projects so they will just have to be reformatted and uploaded.

     Maps, my cool handmade raven coaster, and some of the research books which are always on my desk. Since this is NaNoWriMo I'm not going in with much of a idea of what I'm going to write about so I don't need specific research books so the everyday ones I keep will do.
     If I need something specific OFF TO THE LIBRARY!

More of my everyday research materials. These are also things I can mindlessly flip through when frustrated with something I'm working on. A lot of cheap bin books from B&N are in there. You know the kind- A Million Ways To Say Fuck and the like.

     There are some blank note cards and also some with many notes on things I wish to take on in this story. Story elements I've been weak with writing in the past, words I use too much, themes I want to explore, and notes from previous NaNoWriMo years.

     A little inspiration spot. Two gifts from friends. One is a metal pen holder with a nice quote about writing and the second is a encased band aid with a note from a friend who I no longer talk to. And also a piece of art by the very cool artist Brenda Kirk. If you want to buy something by her she has a store here.

     So if you have never attempted NaNoWriMo give it a try. Check your local area for meeting spots. They happen a lot at libraries and bookstores with cafes or just cafes. Find writing buddies if you think that will help. I go solo on mine and don't do the meet ups but it's good to still join a local group on the website. Sometimes it helps when just needing to talk to another writer.
     And finally, remember finishing isn't everything, it's diving in that matters.


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