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Photoblog Savannah 10/26-10/28

     I love our adventure time travels. Mar is the captain of our journeys while I'm the co-pi....well, not really, I'm the navi....well, not really. I'm the funny looking guy people whisper, "How'd he get with that?" as we walk around places. But that's  good with me.
     Every time we go on a trip I write a lot while there. A day trip maybe only some poems or a vignette or two. With more than a day I can knock out a very very very very rough first draft of a short story or novella. The stories don't always have anything to do with the places we go but visiting these places inspires me greatly. On this trip I wrote a rough of a novella that I hope to revisit soon. I like a lot of the things that came out into that story.
     But enough about my delusions of grandeur, here's my photoblog entry for the trip. As always it is mainly photos with a few comments about each image. I pick the images I choose to use for the most part by random choosing. I returned from this trip having taken 2.73gb of photos.

    That's a lot of bad photography.

This first photo is the rest stop we parked at just as we entered Georgia. It was really nice. If heading up there from Florida you should check it out.

I mentioned this on Twitter but I broke one of my fang teeth trying to eat a beef jerky from the nice rest stop's vending machines. It was my fault, I know my teeth are too fucked up to try and eat something that hard. I took care of it though with 4 pills of truck stop healthcare. America.

Fort Frederica National Monument. A really nice place to visit.

Took a moment while walking around the grounds for a writing break. I tell Mar all the time that I'll go anywhere with her because she always chooses interesting places to visit, all I need is chances to write during the trip.

Inside the fort's Visitor Center.

One of the few remaining structures from the Fort is the King's Magazine.

If you love taking pictures of scenery you could spend all day walking around these grounds. We were there a good hour plus and had one of our packed lunches afterwards sitting on a bench outside the Visitor Center.

Our hotel, which Mar found a good deal on Groupon for, and the kickstarter for the trip, had decorated in Halloween fun. Loved it.

People have always told me if I made it to Georgia I need to check out some BBQ there. Wiley's BBQ was one of the highest rated places and for good reason. We loved eating there.

There was a little wait for the food but it was well worth it. It's a small place and very busy. Mar at the point of this picture was ready to eat her phone. The bad thing about any kind of wait in a BBQ joint is the great smells that rip you up while waiting.

If you go to Savannah you have to check out the Riverfront area.

Mar took this picture of me looking at a purple heart monument.

This was a surprise for us to find. I don't think either of us read anything about this ship being there.

Heading down the old iron railed steps was a good thing. The old cobbled streets just added to the atmosphere of the place. I really feel more at home in a place that looks like it was built before I was born.

Our second meal while in Savannah was at the Olympia Cafe. Mar doesn't really try different foods but they had burgers so she said we could stop there and she got a burger while I ate a Lamb Gyro sandwich.

The thing I was looking forward to the most on this trip was visiting the Gordon Low House. We weren't  allowed to take photos in the house quarters but it was still really cool to go there.

I took this photo in the Gordon Low House gardens. I took it thinking that my friend Tankgirl probably would have taken a really nice photo of the rose.

They were having a family day at the SCAD Museum Of Art and you could get in for free. It was really cool. I say cool a lot. Fuck you, it's cool to say cool. I grew up in the 80's, don't blame me. This picture was near the exit from the back area of the Museum.

At the Savannah History Museum. I love me a good diorama and this one was awesome.

The Forrest Gump bench.

Mar was feeling this touch exhibit when my mouth went off, "Stroking that beaver pelt are we?"

They had a good Juliette Gordon Low slash Girl Scout exhibit at the History Museum.

This sign was in a ton of gift shops and stores. If I'm not mistaken its a old New Orleans police sign so I don't know why they have it so much in Savannah?

Spotted this painted on the side of a house while looking for a local comic book store I had heard about.

This huge ass causeway bridge tried to get up in Mar's face but she kicked its ass. While leaving on Sunday she saw it in the distance and flipped it off. Reason one million to why I love her.

A very rare sight was spotted during a late snack run down the street from our hotel.

Fort Pulaski. There isn't a photo I could take that would do this place justice. The fort alone is well worth the visit but there are so many trails and picnic areas you could spend a whole day there easy.

We took the Park Ranger tour which was really cool. Then you can walk around all on your own so we did both. I recommend doing both since the tour is well worth it for the information you get from the Ranger and it also doesn't take you everywhere within the fort.

Looking out on top of the fort from some of the Civil War battle damage makes the mind go in so many directions. It's a beautiful view but you still have to think about the fear those soldiers must have had in those moments.

Another view on top of the fort.

The fort's magazine.

I loved the angles of the corridor in this pic. You could film a Classic Doctor Who story in that corridor alone.

Tybee Island Light Station.

Look at that gut. I deserve to live under the stairs. The boy who lived to eat everything, that's who I am.

The Tybee Island Museum is right across the street from the lighthouse station and you pay one price for both places.

You will find all kinds of interesting things in the museum. From this divers outfit..

to Nazi stuff... 

to a Girl Scout area.

I love this picture. The angle, the sky, the location, the shadows, and Mar's butt.

I picked up three patches to add for my collection on this trip. One from each fort and one from the Gordon Low House.

And as is our tradition we stopped at a KFC on the way back home from a long trip. This is something we do on trip since we don't eat out that much on trips and specifically at fast food places. Mar just had to get a picture with the statue they had inside. I don't know if she was really this excited to have this picture taken or just tired from the trip. I say both.

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