Friday, December 21, 2012

Sushi Writing With Crowd Editing 2012

     This weeks Friday December Project Release is Sushi Writing With Crowd Editing 2012. This will be my first collection. It contain 8 stories I released this year, everything from short stories to vignettes to a TV pilot script. I hope you like these stories all in one easy to read place at the low low price of $1.00 to download.

     As I've been doing all month with my Dec. releases I also would like to highlight someone elses work that I like and wish to point you in the direction of.
     I didn't get into Dork Tower until if I remember right midway through last year. It's one of those sites that's been in my bookmark links for a long time having first heard about it I think on Wil Wheaton's blog.
     I stayed away from it for a long time I think because of people telling me it was really good because its all inside about gaming and since I'm not a huge gamer, in any way, though from time to time I get all cult like with sports videos games, I had stayed away from reading. I'm sorry I did that because Dork Tower is one of my favorite comics online or off and you don't have to be a huge gamer to enjoy it.
     And as I always like to remind people, check out their merchandise store. Buy something cool for yourself or a friend.


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