Friday, December 7, 2012

Tin Universe #3 Landmarked To Death 2.0

     First off I hope everyone has a good December and I hope you get through the bullshit of this holiday season without making yourself feel like crap for whatever reason, because we all know that's what its all about, I know it usually effects me in those sort of ways.
     Also I’m usually sick this time of year which always sucked when I was a kid with my birthday also being on the 22nd.
     But onto some publishing news and talk.

Backup Story: Knight Book
     This re-release of Tin Universe #3 comes with a new cover and backup story. It's two standalone stories but if you want to read where Landmarked To Death leads then check out the  Bloodwaste Books site and read the four Chaos Poetry collections there with each containing part of a four part story. They are all for sale under the You Pick The Price method.
     If you want to start at the beginning of the Tin Universe, which is where the Knight Book story takes place, stop by the Tin Universe site here.
     Also remember with Smashwords you can gift ebooks to other people; so check out my whole store to see if you would be interested in sending something to someone.

     Before I get into the other things I will be releasing this month I think I'm going to promote other peoples stuff you might want to check out and maybe buy something for yourself or a gift for someone else. I think I'll also do this with every December post I do.
     Check out the t-shirt stores of Brenda Kirk. You will find some really cool stuff there.
I really want this shirt myself. Anyone want to buy me a Christmas gift? :)
I have this shirt and if you follow when I post photo blogs it might seem like I have this shirt on all the time since it's one of my favorite t-shirts.
     Now back to me. Every Friday this month I will be releasing something and that list will include two more Tin Universe re-releases with new covers as well as two year end collections.
Tin Universe 4: Dhaka 2.0

Tin Universe 5: School For The Blind 2.0

Sushi Writing With Crowd Editing 2012
{A collection of all of my one-shot short stories and vignettes from the year. There’s even a TV pilot script in there.}

Under The Training Book 2012
You Pick The Price!
{A collection of my writing from my Blogger, Live Journal, and Twitter accounts}

     And to end with a bit of a rant I guess Lena Dunham thinks it’s weird for people to write for money? Doesn't this go back a little to the whole "artists shouldn't expect to get money for their work" bullshit that's been flying for a few years? It lives within piracy, it lives within the BS of working for exposure, and it lives within the anger people show when artists have the nerve to expect payment and protection of their work.
     When it comes down to it if the only reason you want to write is to get paid, fine. If the only reason you write is for people to read it, fine. Most artists are in the middle and I'm ranting probably off topic but a Architect is a artist, ask them to work for free or the love of the craft. A clothing designer is a artist, ask them to work for free, or the chance for someone to wear their shirts. The fucking people who design the caps on sodas are artists and they sure as fuck ant working for free. An artist thinking money first, second, or last isn't a bad thing.


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