Friday, December 14, 2012

Tin Universe #4: Dhaka 2.0 and Tin Universe #5: School For The Blind 2.0

     Todays blog post has me re-releasing two projects from the past to my Smashwords store with new covers. The new covers they now have were always meant to with them but when first released LuLu rejected them. Hope you enjoy. These two stories were originally released as cut chapter promotional items for my second book The Past Forward; so if you enjoy them then check out the book, it's a good jumping on point for the Tin Universe if you don't wish to go back and read all the past releases. Plus with The Past Forward you get a whole book for only $1.00, I'd say that's a pretty good deal.
     Also remember you can gift stuff to others when shopping at Smashwords.




     I'd also like to use this months blogger entries to point you towards some other talents where you can pick up maybe a gift for yourself or a friend from.

     This entry will direct you to Moon Frieght 3 which just recently finished its run and was one of my favorite webcomics for a long time. This series by Luke Foster gets better and better as it goes. Don't forget to check out the sites store also for a chance to buy paper collections of the series. Moon Frieght 3 reminds me a lot of Red Dwarf; so if you like that classic Sci-Fi series check this webcomic out.

     And a little bit of rant to end things.
     The stupid people who tell me, "But what if the world does end, what then?" when Mayan or any other end of the world bullshit comes up are just as stupid as the ones who ask me, "But what if your mom had aborted you, how would you feel then?" when discussing choice rights.


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