Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Real Work, crap crap crap crap.... *insane smiles*


     When I get good ideas out of the blue for a work in progress that's going to make things better but also more difficult I jump up and down in frustrated smiles. Writing is a medicated BDSM proscription.
     I keep getting ideas and have to go back through this WIP and its frustrating because I know its making things better but...I feel like I'm getting nowhere.....I know, my friends who are really good writers are probably saying I'm finally understanding what real writing work is and you are so right.
     This past week I got two good ideas that really add to this WIP but its a back track to the beginning and moving back through once again. On some parts of this I'm on a 3rd draft, on others a 2nd draft, and more and more things a zero draft. These new things are needed, the work is weak without them, but I need to be careful also that I don't get idea overload because I've drowned myself in that sometimes.
     The real work of writing, as I'm learning, is one of balances. Balance of setting a road and travelling down it, knowing when a backtrack is a good idea, knowing that driving with a chaos course is no excuse for lazy navigating, knowing when to seek directions when lost, and when to be afraid of how the trip is going.


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