Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Way The Word Turns

     My next book will be released in December of this year. It's been a weird, angry, frustrating, and run road writing this book. I started on one thing, started it over twice, put it away, started on something else and that's the book that will be coming out in Dec. All the time while working on the stories of the monthly Tin Universe series which will be starting back up in January of 2014.
    Today has been me getting feedback on cover drafts. Final cover to be revealed next week. Last night I showed some of my finished covers to Mar and she gave me good feedback as well did other friends today.
     One thing that came out of the work on the cover for this book is how now I think I can see when I'm in love with a idea blindly and not thinking straight. Writers fall in love with ideas the way most people fall in love with famous people. It's full of falsehoods, self-created fantasies, and bullshit.
     The perfect situation would be to hire an artist for these covers and I really wish I could but I don't have the money for that. I would really like to hire local talent at least but maybe soon.
     Anyways, back to the work.

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