Friday, February 12, 2010


Written by Brian C. Williams
Edited by Melinda L. Harold

   The room wasn't filled with tension. OK, it was filled with tension but that was such a cliched way to open the scene. I didn't want to do it but here we are in a sort of rambling mess. I was trying to avoid the way things were going, unfortunately, I found myself just writing to fill up the space. I wanted to make more out of what little I was giving you this week. I just need to let things flow and promise a larger Part Three.
   Enough about that, narrator to the side.
   Two men sat in a small, metal, sound-proof room. Each to one side of a single table placed in the middle of the room. Two figures of authority. One of very high authority. Both are searching for answers but only one is asking questions.
   "Once again, please go over what happened?"
   "I know we have to do this, but can I have a minute to think?"
   "Well, I need to get as much as I can from you while the events are still fresh in your mind."
   "I know, sorry."
   "Just one more time and then you can go home, Officer."
   "How many didn't make it?"
   "Please, Officer, let's keep to the details of the event. You understand why we have to stay focused?"
   "Yes, sorry."
   "OK, once again."
   "It was humans..."

(c)Brian C. Williams

Come back next Friday for Part Three of CLEAN CUE CITY.


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