Monday, February 8, 2010


When you think you have never earned happiness,
You run yourself down a road to never finding it,
If your gift is God given,
You think maybe you should stay within those shadows in the corner of the room,
Hiding because you are your own Doctor Doom,
Playing human and just being a man are not the same,
Playing hero is seeing no one is to blame,

The last time you gave a shit,
You fell right into the fight,
And the fight kicked your ass,
The chills are so long,
Praying that they can't last,
The heat has fallen,
Follow man,
Follow man,

When the pain pills are more painful than the pain,
The shirt no longer fits,
If you have lost something from the dream,
Then leave the room because the dream has gone tits,
Continue hiding because you are your own Doctor Doom,
Playing human is playing the clown,
Keep worshiping at the swirl of gloom,
You have become a Follow man,

(c)brian c. willaims

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