Friday, March 25, 2011


Writer, Gail Simone, Grant Morrison; Geoff Johns
Artist, Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan; Bernard Chang

Published by DC Comics

I don't think anything Gail Simone could have written for Wonder Woman would have reached the level of fan anticipation for her becoming the writer on the series. Everyone for the longest time mentioned her writing the book every time they saw something negative with another writer taking the character.

I told myself the above as I checked this volume out from the library trying not to build this up in my head to a state of only finding disappointment. I'm trying to the same thinking about Neil Gaiman's upcoming episode for Doctor Who.

My only real problem with Rise Of The Olympian is the design of Genocide. I like everything from concept to the way she is written but the design looks like a generic 80's design. For a character that's suppose to be that big of an introduction to Wonder Woman's mythology they picked something that looks like some sort of plant character out of a Rob Liefeld early days image book. And green is not a good villain color.

Speaking of costume designs. I think the Gods stole their new threads from the Marvel character The Constructor. That really took me out of the story for a bit as the weird confused me. I hate when some weird confuses me because I love the weird, the weird is good...usually.

Now that design issues aside I really loved the artwork. The battles scenes were presented with tons of emotion and fury. You felt punches, you enjoyed the scenes shown to you. The drama and passion of the characters are right there for you.

I enjoyed this book in so many ways but it seemed to have so much crammed into it. The battles were cool, the drama build was exciting, the use of the wider DC Universe fit perfect, and you never go wrong with Gorilla Knights.

Also the variant covers for these issue are all poster worthy.

4 out of 5 Stars


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