Wednesday, April 11, 2012


People have been asking me what I think about Fifty Shades of Gray for a while? I haven't commented because I haven't read the books or know much about them. All I knew is it was I guess originally a Twilight type fan fiction or something along those line? Here's my thing. I have a lot of comments that come in basically saying How Dare You Self-Publish when it comes to my own writing and because of comments like that I say go for your story no matter what form it is or what its about or what others have to say. Listen, learn, and go to your story. Own it, hold it, defend it, and do your thing because as an old Garth Brooks song said, "Critics are those who put their own dreams on the shelf." There is and has always been a little in fan fiction and self publishing that is Fuck You I'm Doing My Thing.



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