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Where I talk about the Bulldawgs second Pre-Season game, palour voices, and John Green {who I’m starting to mention in every blog title}

Where I talk about the Bulldawgs second Pre-Season game, palour voices, and John Green {who I’m starting to mention in every blog title}

I think I’m going to do a blog entry each Monday after playing a game on Madden on Sundays. Stop by here on Mondays and maybe I have something to update you with. Like how much I suck at defense on these games.

Ravens-13 Vs. Bulldawgs-42
The second game of the pre-season was played on All-Pro level. It was harder than the last game but I’m hoping when I move to All-Madden for the last two pre-season games and the franchise it will step up even more.
I say that now. After about six loses in a row I’ll want to quit and play MLB The Show or something else.
Madden 11 seems to move a little quicker or smoother than Madden 08. It seems to greatly favor running the football too, which is ok to me. My offensive philosophy is basically use three running backs to attack the defense, pass to tightends and running backs. Then open up things with bombs down the field from time to time and keep everything else in chaos by using the quarterback’s ability to run.
That’s why my N.F.L. all time leading receiver is a TE{Greg Olsen} and the all time rushing leader is a QB{Vince Young}
And that leads me to Mr. Tebow who was the highlight again for my team but my offense is pretty weak and unstructured right now. I’m scoring but if I keep scoring like this he’s going to get injured.
My defense is playing really good but defensive players and philosophies on Madden are only truly tested on All-Madden level. My defensive philosophy is aggressive blitzes from random players and going for turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. If I’m not getting sack and turnovers I’m in trouble as a defense.
The next two games are the true tests for what kind of season I might be facing.
I need to get the ball to Olsen more and need to see if Tebow can throw. Not that I’ve ever been able to play very well with left handed Quarterbacks on Madden. I think right now Dodge or McCown will end up getting the start with me using Tebow as a package QB. That’s what I usually do to get young quarterbacks playing time and pushing up their ratings so I have a good backup.
All positions are up for grabs so things will get more interesting with the rest of preseason. I still have no idea who will be starting at any position and that’s one of the things that already making this a lot of fun.
Game Stats
Dodge, 123yds, 2 TD, 9 Comp
Tebow, 0yds, 0 TD, 0 Comp, {I attempted a few passes with him but he mainly ran the ball.}
McCown, 27yds, 0 TD, 2 Comp, 1 INT
Tebow, 128yds, 4 TD, 17 Att
Cooper, 59yds, 14 Att
Bundy, 46yds, 11 Att
Westbrock, 31yds, 11 Att
Dodge, 19yds, 4 Att {The only problem I’ve seen with Dodge so far is even though he is the highest rated QB I have on the Bulldawgs, he’s pretty slow and I wonder if he will work within my offense?}
McCown, 11yds, 4 Att
Griffith, 6yds, 3 Att
Olsen, 3 Rec, 36yds, 1 TD
Denham, 2 Rec, 21yds
Bruce, 2 Rec, 37yds, 1 TD
Owens, 2 Rec, 41yds
Askew, 1 Rec, 9yds
Griffith, 1 Rec, 6yds
Pace, 12 Pancakes
Christman, 7 tacks (Is this a real names? I’m keeping this guy on my team forever. Well, unless he starts to suck and gets mouthy and then outcomes the nails.)
Ogunleye, 4 tacks, 3 sacks
Pierce, 3 tacks, 2 sacks
Smith, 2 tacks, 1 INT

There are 7 teams with a 2-0 record so far competing for the All-Player Challenge{the pre-season} Someone asked me a few posts back what is the reward I mentioned for teams who win the pre-season.
Basically in my N.F.L. if you finish with the worst record in the league your team is replaced using the relocation function. I do it sort of like how Soccer leagues like the EPL do with teams going down and up leagues.
It’s how by the end of a franchise mode on a game almost all the original N.F.L. teams have been replaced. There are rules though. You can’t be replaced during a franchise if within said franchise you win the Superbowl, the All-Player Challenge, or finish the regular season without losing a game.

Remaining Pre-Season games for the Richmond Bulldawgs:
At Jets
At Cardinals

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