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I've said it a hundred times but where is all the big patriotism when female and gay soldiers are attacked in different ways? Like at GOP debates. Where is your Support The Troops bumper stickers and little car flags? Well, wave that blind bullshit speech dripping red, white, and blue from your lips and I'll sit here and be grateful to ALL who defend our rights and risk their lives daily and talk about all the ways we have failed them.
Female Veterans Say Military Kicked Them Out And Classified Them As ‘Crazy’ After Reporting Sexual Assault

And people wonder why young people more and more are turning away from the faiths of their parents and ancestors. It's because of bullshit like this. Yes Mr. Bishop the Catholic Church knows nothing about corruption and being Nazi like *cough, cough, Youth Nazi Pope*
Catholic Bishop Claims Obama Is Following A Similar Path To Hitler

I would probably think protest was pretty cool this if it was his own art. Burning someone else’s work is wrong to me, even in protest of something I'm also against.
Naples Casoria Museum Burning Art In Protest

Here's a truth the publishing industry and bookstores can't ignore. They were so lazy for so long creatively that is why they are in the state they are in now. When I was college they should have been in the early stages of ebooks. I’m old enough for that to be a pretty good few years back.
Borders should have came up with something like Amazon. Big publishers should have had digital edition catalogs online even before ereaders because people would have read on their computers and they would have had those catalogs there when ereader technology hit.
They are a decade behind in tech and demand. They fueled the black market pirating industry like throwing jet fuel on a forest fire and now every creator, artist, and creative person trying to protect their copyright are paying for it. and another link

Our leaders in part do this to our soldiers. Help create this mindset that this is ok to do. A lot of it has to do with the animals within us during conflict but our leaders have a lot of blame on their end also.
They are so irresponsible in their bullshit and spit filled hate speech that they fuel soldiers like coaches getting players to go beyond the game to do acts they wouldn't do normally.
Oh, and the government thinks publishing these photos is endangering soldiers. How about some of the shit that comes out of politician’s mouths? How about the unwinnable situations we put them in?
How War Can Make Dehumanizing And Horrific Events Seem Normal

I would go to theater marathons like the kind one of our local ones is doing with a Marvel movie marathon before The Avengers comes out. I’d go in a second but I've found at all theaters during these type of events the same as thing for free movies and midnight showings pulls out the assholes in the community and I've had enough of movies with people playing with laser pointers, talking all the way through, and being general jerks that for some reason they aren't at normal showings. If theaters said they would have security and make sure that type of thing didn't happen I'd go in geek speed with nerd heart but they never do. Also its why I don't attend more movies in general. At least at home watching on TV I know the assholes in the room.

Here’s some cool things by others:

Listened to KZSC this morning with MC Cloud doing the playlist. A great playlist.

Here's something to watch. Pretty cool. 
There Is No Live-Action Evangelion Movie, But There Is This - Topless Robot

Stray Thoughts:

"If the people who read your blog knew what you wrote on your blog they would never read it. You are scum." Weirdest message ever. I got that earlier today. I thought only I did run on sentences like that. I said "Thank you sir. I needed a bit of someone elses insanity today. Shows I'm not the only one." The internet is so fun. I have this weird thing on my sites. It’s been this way for a long time, maybe because I rant a lot. I don't get comments, I get emails. Long ones.

Someone just asked me on Twitter: “Do you ever feel like you will never write again?” My answer: Whenever I’m not writing, I hate it, I think it makes me miserable, I think I’m so stupid I’m hurting the mass of intelligence by putting words together but then when I write it instantly reminds me why it’s my best friend, favorite lover, worst enemy, and companion.

Drinking water is the time between morning coffee and rest of the day beer. Otherwise known as a poor mans two phase pain management treatment.

I love when people call me a loud mouth. Yep, and I plan to get louder.

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