Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where I talk about working for free, the DOJ, ads in ebooks, and whip cream fun.

Where I talk about working for free, the DOJ, ads in ebooks, and whip cream fun.

Since I’ve created several System * Publishing sites I’m going to go back to Under The Training Book being my personal blogging outlet.
Getting back into blogging is just another writer meal to consume. I haven’t decided if I will be completely taking down my Live Journal site but more than likely that will be the case.

I’m going to start this by talking about some quotes on writing I recently came across.

Cory Doctorow  @doctorow  “Any writer who indemnifies a nonpaying publisher is a sucker; any publisher who asks is a jerk.” #businessOfWriting
I think that quote by Cory Doctorow is largely true. I'd love to work with a ton of people but don’t have the money to hire them and wouldn't ask them to work for free.
And the people I do work with I always work out some sort of payment even when people are saying they would work for free. I don’t like playing that game.
I’ve also had a number of people ask me to write comics or TV reviews for their sites for “exposure” I barely have enough time to write my own stuff, I’m not going to write for you for some kind of mythological golden exposure.

Jason Arnopp  @JasonArnopp “Rejection can be tough. Rant privately, learn what you need to, then forge ahead like the unstoppable steamroller you need to be to survive.”
I think in the internet age this is usually a lesson writers learn by fire so to speak. I use to take rejection so bad I would stop writing for long periods of time and that was just stupid. Writing is like playing baseball, no matter what you do, you ant ever Ever going to even have a 500 batting average. At least in my view failure is not only a option, its required to tough the skin and skill.

Tony Lee  @mrtonylee “What's worse than a writer that gets rejected? A writer that's so scared that they don't even TRY, and never write the story they dream.”
So true and this was me for some long. I took my own weakness as a pre-birth failure before even trying.

Tony Lee  @mrtonylee “If you can't accept that your first draft isn't perfect? Then GET OUT OF WRITING. Because it won't be. Change = improvement.”
This is actually something you learn fast when writing monthly releases or you die. I’m still finding the proper structure for my work towards making my releases the best they can be but rewriting, revising, editing- that a lot of time turns into the real writing.
People have asked me what doing monthly releases are doing for me personal for than anything else and I say it’s training under gun fire. It’s harsh and sometimes cruel but it’s the best writing learning process I’ve ever been involved with.

There are only two things that have given me as much pain and joy as writings and that’s sex and trying to play good defense on any version of Madden.

Here are some things I’ve found interesting online:

Department of Justice sues Apple & publishers for allegedly colluding to set eBook prices.
I’m sort of back and forth on this issue but in the long and painful road maybe it might be the best things to slap the publishing industry in the head about getting their drive in gear about digital works.

I like her even more now. PETA does nothing really for animal abuse. Well, except kill a ton in their shelters so I guess they can’t…be abused…when Dead? All they do is masturbate to their own self promotion actions.
Oh, and before someone jumps down my throat about PETA. I know someone who had blood thrown on them by PETA people. If I had been there I would have beaten that asshole. PETA should go fuck themselves. They get away with assault and playing look at me and doing nothing real.
PETA, “I love animals so lets puts somes ladies naked on a billboards. YES YES YES!”

I've thought about putting ads in my books but still resist. Yes it would bring in money but would it be worth it for me and also the people buying ads?

Santorum's biggest mistake. He went after porn. I'm not kidding. Porn is such a huge industry you know some of his supporters were all, "You can go after women, you can go after anything else, but let us row back that talk."

Go Jalen Rose, ESPN never calls out Skip Bayless. He's a character now, not a journalist. ESPN has becoming a sports copy of Fox News. They want to be called pure News when it benefits them and they want to be called entertainment when attacked. And just to add I've always said Fox New took a lot of lessons for doing their thing from the early success days of ESPN. ESPN perfected the newscaster is more important than the news itself structure.

Time to post this and knuckle down and get some writing down. The writer in me says go put more whip cream on my coffee. My body says "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?"
At least I don’t funnel that stuff into my mouth like Mar does.
Oh, that just sounded bad, didn’t it? She’s going to kick my ass.

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