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Where I talk about Madden 11, Tim Tebow, Pat Summitt, my crazy video game play history, and John Green. But I don’t talk about how racist having a team called the Redskins is. Yes I do because it is fucking stupid.

I’m going to do these updates about my Madden11 games the day after I play. It will probably be a once a week update since I just don’t have the time to play as many games as I once did. I’ll probably throw in views about other sports stuff is on my mind also.
But don’t worry I will find some way of still pissing people off even when talking about video games. When you don’t have talent or success, you have to shoot for something. I think that’s the Mets motto actually.
I finally started playing the used copy of Madden 11 I picked up a week or so back. I had to finish the season I was in the middle of playing in Madden 08; which I will not discuss and with all the other stuff going on it took me time to dive into it.
That last season of 08 didn’t turn out to good for me. I’ve always had great offenses but suck at defense so I have year after year of undefeated regular seasons but haven’t won a Superbowl in four seasons played. I keep meeting a team who plays good D in the playoffs and then I can’t stop them.
My created team are the Richmond Bulldawgs, who I replaced the racist Washington Redskins with, something I do right out when starting a new franchise mode. I base the uniforms and the name of the team off the high school I attended.
I know no one wants me to talk about how racist I think the Washington Redskins are; so I will not go into how I think it’s racist to have a team, play for team, or cheer for a team called the Redskins. The fact that it’s in our nation’s capital also says a lot about our country.
I won’t go into that again though. I know how it really gets on peoples nerves when I talk about it because hey it would also be acceptable to have a team called the Washington Retards or the Washington Coons or Washington Round Eyes?
We’ve moved on from such things, haven’t we?
I had a big offseason to start things in Madden 11. I traded a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round draft pick to the Denver Broncos for QB Tim Tebow. Also traded 1st, 5th, and 6th round pick to the Chicago Bears for TE Greg Oleson. TE’s and QB’s are big to how I run my offenses. That leaves me with no draft picks because I also traded my 7th for a third string RT.
On those two players: I’m not a huge Tebow fan but I want to see what I can do with him in the game. In the past I made Vince Young the all time leading rusher QB or RB in my NFL record books and turned Marcus Russell into a Pro Bowl QB.
Greg Oleson is actually the all time leading receiver in my NFL. In some games in Madden 08 I would throw to him 30 plus times in a game and he almost never got hurt. I hope I can get that with him in 11.
I released a lot of the created players the game replaced the Washington players with and signed free agents, though the free agent market to start the game was pretty weak. The only big name I picked up was Terrell Owens. I’ll give him a shot on a one year contract.
This will be a building season for my Bulldawgs but I think we’re going to be in every game and hope we can make the playoffs. That’s what I’m shooting for. We’re in a tough division though with the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys. All teams who can be really good or really bad.
The first game of the pre-season had the Bills travelling to take us on at the Dog House {the name of our stadium} I call the pre-season The All-Players Challenge to give more meaning to it so I don’t just skip it. It’s something me and friends started doing a few years ago.
The four game pre-season will be played first game on Pro Level, 2nd game on All-Pro, and last two on All-Madden. This allows me a chance to get use to the new game before the Regular Season starts. Playing it on the PS2 means there aren’t as many changes from 08 to 11 but still a little different look and feel.
And that’s why I don’t put much stake in the outcome of the Bills game that I won 108 to 0. Though I have scored that much on All-Madden level, as I said offense isn’t usually my problem, I also know as much as I’ve played these game Pro Level is like Rookie level to me.
The next pre-season games are: Vs. Ravens{All-Pro Level}, Vs. Jets{All-Madden Level}, and then to end the pre-season Vs. Cardinals{All-Madden Level} will give me a better idea of what kind of team I have.
I have a feeling I’m going to be running the ball a lot and trying to play clock management a lot also, especially if I continue to suck at defense.

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Pat Summitt, the coach of the Tennessee Lay Vols is and has always been one of the people I admire the most in sports. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak once and I'll never forget that. Her impact on Tennessee, women's sports, and sports in general will be discussed forever.

Jay Bilas  @JayBilas “Yahoo's Dan Wetzel hammers NCAA, its coaches, administrators as hypocrites over transfer restrictions: Hard to argue.”

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WhiteskinsOrg said...

We're with you 100% about the need to change the names of offensive teams. Hats off to you for being proactive, even it's just in a video game that you play in the comfort and solitude of your own home. We are all about what is privately whispered in secret being shouted from the rooftops. We whiteskins got our start as a lowly fantasy football team, seen only by the other managers in our league and now Whiteskins nation is international (not to brag. Ok, we're bragging). Keep up the good work!