Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where I talk about the Saints, New Orleans, Katrina, and John Green’s FA Cup.

Where I talk about the Saints, New Orleans, Katrina, and John Green’s FA Cup.

To start this I want to say how much I love New Orleans. Even before I ever visited the city I always found its history very interesting. I don’t read much non-fiction but when I was young I probably checked out every book non-fiction and fiction my local library had on the city.
I remember we were in Fort Lauderdale to see a Green Day concert. We were sitting in a hotel room that had just gotten its power back as we pulled into the parking lot. This was right after hurricane Katrina passed through. We actually drove down to Lauderdale through Katrina weather. Sitting in the hotel room we watched the storm head towards New Orleans and gaining strength as it moved.
Last year we travelled to the city for ALA. I finally got to visit a city I had always wanted to walk through. Even though we were mainly there for ALA, eight hours of the day was spent at the convention, but we found time to explore the great city. Spend time with some of the great people of New Orleans.
I wanted to mention some of the things I think about when I think of New Orleans before talking about the Saints latest scandal about wiretapping other teams rooms when they played in the Superdome.
When Bounty Gate broke I said the Saints were turning into the new Raiders but shit man, I forgot some of the political history of that city and they are showing they do things to a different levels in New Orleans, a level the Raiders never touched.
The new Raiders, us against the world, yes, maybe, but just as I think the attitude and business views of my favorite team doesn’t in the modern N.F.L. I’m starting to think the Saints might not survive in the modern N.F.L. if this wiretapping story is true.
Pile it on with Bounty Gate and it might take this team a decade or more to recover. And remember the punishment for Saints players for Bounty Gate is still coming.
Now first let’s throw out whether this would have or did give them any sort of advantage on the field. If you break into a house and find it empty, you still broke into a house. The crime, because this does go beyond sports in terms of wiretapping breaking many state and federal laws, still took place.
Now just as with Spy Gate with the Patriots this isn’t a surprise to me that something like this has happen. I’ve always wondered why more teams don’t do such things but just as when the Patriots got caught, the Saints might just have been caught doing something many teams are probably doing. I bet yesterday when the story dropped at least a few teams quickly removed some technology from their stadiums that violated N.F.L. rules.
When the N.F.L. first started using the helmet communication I said that’s going to run into problems. It has. Small cameras, stealing signs from the crowd, buying playbooks, hiring people who left one team to get an advantage. It’s not just puffing chests that war terms are implied with sports. It’s win and only win. Or “Just win baby” as my teams late boss said many times.
And finally all of this comes down to proving they did anything wrong. That seems to be a tough road ahead proving anything. If in the end the law or the league finds proof everyone involved with the Saints including coaches and front office people will probably be banned for life from the league.
Today I’ve been listening to ESPN radio as they discuss it further.

And speaking of sports. Well, electronic sports. Here’s a good story of a small team reaching the highest of mountains.
FA Cup Final: The Miracle of Swindon Town #105: http://youtu.be/3bxrlN7YDxY

And a few other things that I enjoyed online today:

Jane Espenson is one of my favorite Television writers.

If I don’t catch the shows on TV I listen to a number of ESPN podcasts. If anyone knows of any other good sports podcasts let me know and I’ll check them out. My favorite podcasts that ESPN do are Mike & Mike, The B.S. Report, Dan Le Batard Is Highly Questionable, and Pardon The Interruption.

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