Sunday, August 1, 2010


WRITER Gail Simone
ARTIST Ed Benes; Adriana Melo
COLORIST Nei Ruffino
EDITOR Janelle Siegel
INKERS Ed Benes; Mariah Benes
COVERS Ed Benes, Nei Ruffino; Cliff Chiang

PUBLISHED BY dc comics

One of my favorite books makes its return and thanks to my local comic shop Famous Faces And Funnies I was able to read the first two issues even though I didn't get to pick them up for a few weeks after they came out. 

The Birds returned the only way they should, in the hands of Gail Simone. She may not have been the first writer of Birds Of Prey but I really don't see myself enjoying anyone else writing this book as much as I enjoy the stories by Gail Simone. I love all of the characters but to get me to read a team book has never been an easy task. In the past it was either because I loved the artist or when I was in highschool an X-book. At one time I bought everything with an X on it. Yes, I was one of those people. I wouldn't have even read a preview of this Birds relaunch if it had returned without her in the writers chair though.

Sitting beside Gail Simone fighting through with this book is Ed Benes. In the past I haven't loved his artwork but I'm really loving what he's doing in these first two issues. It's not like I hated his artwork but I never said I really wouldn't want anyone else doing the artwork but him on a book I was buying, I really would not want anyone else on Birds, Ed wins. I'm fast becoming a bigger fan of his art by the issue.

I should mention Adriana Melo is also credited for pencils on issues 2 but I didn't even notice when I read the issue the first time and that's not saying anything bad against Melo but I think that's how it should work when a lead artist gets help or you have a fill in artist. It was simless to my reading eyes.

The four part story which starts the relaunch is somehow tied into Brightest Day? but so far I have no clue how unless its just the inclusation of Hawk & Dove to the team which is a mimual aside to the story from what I've read in the first two issues. Not to say I'm not enjoying Hawk & Dove being added to the team but I just don't think its actually a tie in, but your know, that's marketing.

Marketing practices being put away I will mention this is the only non-Doctor Who comic I buy outside of trade collections. My comic shop owner recommened #1 to me and now i'm hooked.

If you like well written stories I highly recommend Birds Of Prey which has well crafted character relationships and nicely placed action. The pacing is built like bricks to a building and each issue is floor upon floor. Now this is only after two issues but I wouldn't expect anything else after how much I loved Gail Simone's last run on the book.

As Tuesday hits I'll be keeping REVIEW WEEK going and the writing of Gail  Simone once again gets a focus as I review Secret Six: Depths.

Review written by Brian C. Williams


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