Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Jonathan L. Daris, Matthew Dow Smith, Al Davison; Tony Lee
Kelly Yates, Matthew Dow Smith; Al Davison
Phil Elliott, Charlie Kirchoff; Al Davison
Robbie Robbins; Neil Uyetake
Denton J. Tipton

IDW Publishing

This as the first U.S. market centered Doctor Who Annual is very  hit and mess which is how I would describe the whole of the Doctor Who output from IDW. I buy any and all Doctor Who books but if these stories were not Doctor Who related I can't honestly say that I would have picked up many of what IDW has put out. I go into each book with the eyes of excitement and hope that they will get better and not just fall into the line many books based on movies or Tv shows have, a line of just getting by on the name alone.

But lets get to the stories within this annual. The first story Ground Control gets 2 stars but what stands out to me is the Doctor saying he had never seen a Time Lord regenerate before? Really? That's a little hard to take in. I don't remember him watching someone regenerate from the series but not in his whole life? So not even during The Time War? And if he was just saying he had never saw himself regenerate...why would that be that big a deal?

Story two, The Big Blue Box gets 3 stars only because it is a nice little Doctor side trip story. I love small little stories within the big epic nature of most Doctor Who stories, that's why I use to love the short page stories that once appeared in Doctor Who Magazine.

Story three, To Sleep Perchance To Scream is the type of pre-regeneration Doctor Who story done many times in many short stories and a billion times in fan fiction. Love the art by Al Davison though. He's fast becoming one of my favorite artists to tackle the Doctor Who universe.

The highlight of the Annual is the last story by Tony Lee and Matthew Dow Smith because its a nice little sidestep that also leads into the last big story of the 10th Doctor's IDW era.

Overall this Annual has a nice mix of art but for the first Annual I wish IDW had gotten more big name writers and artists for this Annual because it was a big missed chance to draw in new readers. From the materials alone I enjoyed this Annual but from a marketing mindset I'm left wondering a big WHY to the planning?



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