Sunday, August 8, 2010


Written by Greg Rucka
Art by
 Rags Morales, Cliff Richards, David Lopez and various;
Cover by
J.G. Jones

This review is going to be full of spoilers; which I usually try to avoid but just to let you know...I'm letting you know.

I know a number of people had problems with Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, and The Omac Project but one thing I could never understand; which a lot of people had a problem with and the characters of Batman and Superman turned away their friendship with Wonder Woman over was her killing Maxwell Lord. So you would have rather she let him live after he told her under the influnce of the magic lasso that he would use Superman as a weapon of mass destrction? She's an Amazon warrior. She has never killed with ease but she saved lives in a very simple situation. It wasn't complicated to me. By them going after her they are basically saying her taking a moral stand is better than thousands of people dying by her not acting. Superman and Batman questioning her actions so strongly speak only of complete bullshit on their parts. Batman saying he is taking the high road with The Joker places blood on his hands every time The Joker kills and to say otherwise is also complete bullshit in my eyes. It's easy to say after the fact that things may have turned out differently if she hadn't killed Lord but she showed how much of a hero she truly is by making a hard choice during the split second she had to make that choice. That's what a hero does.



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