Thursday, August 5, 2010


Written/Created by
Brian C. Williams
Edited by
no one but myself and my cats,
and they spell better than I do.

Once Molly spots me coming in she puts in an order for my Simple Salad and so pretty quickly after I take my seat, "Simple Salad and cold water."
"Thanks Molly, you look really busy today?"
"We were but the morning rush is over. Every day is a up and down of rush hours and clean up hours."
"Cool, glade to hear businese is good. I'll be seeing you later for lunch and dinner since I just started my vacation."
She smiles.
She's hot.
I'm not.
"The lunch special is grilled peppers and for dinner we are doing tomato soup."
"All good."
She smiles.
She's hot.
I'm not.
"I'll leave you to eat and head back to the kitchen to help with the breakfast clean up."
I dig into my Simple Salad but after a few bites I pull out my Media Mobile, think ipad but useful, and look for something to do after breakfast.
Looks like a theater near by is showing a marathon of Keeping Up Appearances episodes. I'll have to eat quick before tickets sale out.
What'd you think living on an alien planet offered for entertainment? You Wrong! It's Britcoms and Ceaser Salads... Someone help, does a Ceaser Salad have chicken?
The Simple Salad Rules!!!

(c)brian c. williams


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