Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Brain Leakage from the NHS and Marshal Law to Minecraft crafts

*unedited views from the past week of the brain puke I placed into the hands of the internet. Eat up!

 Leakage on the face of Facebook:
-Love how attacks on NHS type systems are"It isn't perfect." No shit, nothing is. Alternative though is knowing people are dying. Any business knows you have to keep your machines running to make money, same applies to employees and why companies need insured employees. The same also applies to citizens of a country. Facts are sick citizens cost a country more in the long run in so many ways. So you either have a lot of stupid people or a lot of people who are just hoping the "right" people die. Economic prejudices, sexism, racism kill in many ways.
-If people blasting music was a threat then I'm threatened 50 times a day. It's just an excuse to shoot someone. This guy was looking for a chance to do so and with the vagueness of Stand Your Ground Laws its giving people a excuse to kill and in their minds they find it justified; which is why these types of laws are so deadly. Sad but we are going to see more and more of this because people are going to think they can justify shooting people.
-I've been rambling on about Classic Doctor Who over on my Twitter today because I've been watching it as we got a free trial to Hulu Plus. Go join the conversation if you like. Either way I'll run my mouth talking to myself.
-Me"You're addicted to Minecraft" Mar"Trying to make me go to rehab No No No
-Hey, makes sense. Not like anyone is going shoot someone for some stupid reason like the way they dress or what they look like or the music they listen to or what sports team they cheer for...  It's dangerous enough with laws about security and staff being able to carry guns in schools but now there is a big push for parents to be able to carry guns onto campuses, you know, in case of a shoot out at the OK Lunchline.
-People please stop sending me links to Brian Williams Raps "Rapper's Delight" because I think the guy is a gutless corporate news coward that tries to be a playful on talk shows when he is part of a very racist, spineless, sexist, system of news propaganda. Plus, fuck anyone named Brian Williams!
-Even though I'm really behind on watching Supernatural I'm disappointed the spinoff is two more male characters. For a series that clearly doesn't know how to handle strong female characters without killing them off or moving them out of sight they had a chance for course correct with the spinoff and just showed they haven't learned anything new.

Leakage into surface of Twitter:
-I dont think most people are good but I do think the good ones overshadow the bad by 1000000.3
-2 out of 5 stars for Marshal Law: The Deluxe Edition
-3 of 5 stars for Owning It: Stories About Teens With Disabilities *kind of disapointed the cover was so generic.
-I think most of the brave, original, and creative writing is in YA but also some of the most generic and boring covers.
-My view is the best covers in all of publishing right are in comics.
-Me out of the blue"Top Gear Kill, Fuck, or Marry? I say fuck Hammond, marry May, and kill Clarkson." Mar"No. Just no."
-Today is a pink and silver nail because because.
-We had a wasp in the car and Mar was yelling "Tracker Jackers! Tracker Jackers!"
-Its going to be a rough week coming up so its good to have a night with friends, food, Game Of Thrones, and Walking Dead.
-Friend"There is nothing worse than self-publishers :)" Me"Mommy bloggers." Friend"I stand corrected."
-Started Burn Notice today. It's been in my Netflix queue for a while. Today I wanted to start something different as writing background.
-Any business knows you have to keep your machines running to make money, same applies to employees and why companies need insured employees.
-The same also applies to citizens of a country. Facts are sick citizens cost a country more in the long run in so many ways.
-So you either have a lot of stupid people or a lot of people who are just hoping the "right" people die.
-Economic prejudices, sexism, racism kill in many ways.
-Now that I vented a bit, back to writing and watching Burn Notice.
-When I die I want my friends to glitter bomb my ashes into the faces of politicians.
-We went to the local Maker Space tonight. Really cool seeing a 3D printer and other cool tech stuff. Also really nice people there.
-watching Bob's Burgers: Season 4. Love this show like a pain killer randomly in a mint tin.
-"Why'd you headbutt me?" "I was going to punch you but I was holding wine." Bob's Burgers
-"You pee out the window? Thats it I'm going to college" Bob's Burger
-watching Doctor Who: The Sensorites on Hulu Plus. I never had this on tape so Ive never seen it before.
-When I was a kid I only saw 4th and 5th Doctor episodes and few 3rd and 6th on my local PBS.
-It wasnt until college when I started buying tapes and thats when I finally got to see some 1st, 2nd, and 7th.
-Mar got a free 3m to Hulu Plus. Testing to see if it would be something we would use a lot. I'm -watching more of Doctor Who: The Sensorites.
-Me"They have more classic Doctor Who than Netflix. I vote I love Hulu Plus" Mar"You'd get into the blacked out window van for Doctor Who"
-The more early 1st Doctor stories I watch, the more I like Barbara and Ian. Both are such strong characters.
-I hate that I'm not as fast without a mouse as I use to be. It's become a bad crutch for me. My old Mac friends must hate me now.
-And people wonder why I call Twitter brain puke for me. Thoughts must get out or they will clog brain.
-So far I'm liking Hulu Plus because, you know, all the Doctor Who. Now watching The Rescue but it doesn't seem to stream as well as Netflix?
-And FYI I'm stream on a Roku. Just in case anyone was wondering.
-I liked The Rescue. A story you wouldnt see today in DW because there wasnt any real alien or scifi bad guy.
-Now watching The Space Museum. I'm skipping stuff I have on DVD.
-Its interesting to see after viewing and reading about a lot of early Doctor Who how creative and experimental they were from the start.
-My Doctor Who marathon on Hulu Plus continues with The Gunfighters.
-I love that Gunfighters has song ballad narration to it.
-I hate when people working on Doctor Who say they can't do historicals or non fantasy episodes. Yes, it can.
-That attitude is a very unbrave way of telling stories. If viewers can't expect something it makes the job of the writers actually easier.
-Now on Who you know its always going to be something scifi or fantasy. Doctor Who can do historicals and mysteries or romance.
-I like Hulu Plus but have to mention again. Doesn't seem to be as reliable streaming as Netflix? Now watching Doctor Who And The Silurians.
-Knowing whats to come its a bit sad seeing in Doctor Who and the Silurians how close The Doctor and Brigadier's friendship had grown.
-Ending to Doctor Who And The Silurians is one of my favorites. It shows U.N.I.T has to do things the Doctor wont.
-Mar"What are you watching?" Me"Yes Minister" Mar"One of your old lady shows" Me"Shut up" Mar"See, grumpy old lady"
-I dont understand why Doctor Who: The Mutants has always gotten such a bad rep? I liked it.
-Picked up a composition notebook and jumbo crayon box at the dollar. Watching Doctor Who: Fr In Space while working on project.
-At craft store and a mom is walking around talking to herself "I'm glade this is the last fucking year I have to do this science fair bu ...
-4 out of 5 stars for Guardians Of The Galaxy: Angela 
-Now watching Planet Of The Daleks and reading Doctor Who: The Essential Guide
-2 out of 5 stars for Doctor Who: The Essential Guide
-3 out of 5 stars for Queen & Country: Operation Crystal Ball
-I don't get writers block. I get new ideas, for new projects, that get me excited, at the worst possible time. Like near a deadline.
-Anyone who thinks books written by female writers aren't criticized, reviewed, and talked about different isn't paying attention...
-or stupid. There's a level of venom used with female writers that's on levels from head shakes to disgusting.
-watching Doctor Who: Robot while Mar makes Minecraft more swords.

 Leakage through the eyes of Tumblr:
-Loving children.
-A while back Mar made smores because I mentioned I had never had even a single smore and had always wanted to try them. Her being a Girl Scout she had the ways, the knowledge, the go get it done attitude. Recalling this reminds how people are always talking about wishing for a relationship with someone with the same experiences as them, someone with the same scars, someone who likes all the same things. I think that would be the worst kind of relationship. Though me and Mar have similarities, for the most part we are very different. From different backgrounds, have different tastes- though we both are a little twisted in our own ways :) For friends or lovers I say please give me someone who is very different from me and I shall enjoy every day loving learning about them, exploring what makes up the person they are, and thus enriching myself. Going all Hallmark here but maybe if the world as a whole from country to country, from neighborhood to neighborhood, looked at those differences from themselves in the same fashion some of our world problems might not be so problematic.
-Love that we have a home where things are always been created. Crafting, writing, painting, knitting, coloring. The home of a smart intelligent librarian and a delusional writer.

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