Thursday, February 27, 2014

Talking With Mar Thursday was Warren Ellis, Silver Surfer, and love

     A conversation from this morning as I was making us breakfast and Mar was getting ready for work and the cats were all "FEED US!" "STARVING HERE!"
     Me: I had a dream last night...
     Mar: It's too early in the morning for your dreams of space hero you, Warren Ellis as your sidekick, and a half naked Orlando Bloom in need of rescuing.
     Me: That was only one time. And I had eaten a ton of sugar, ate a whole pizza, drank two liters of soda- all during a Red Dwarf marathon. No, this dream was about aliens...
     Mar: Told you.
     Me: No. See there were these shape shifting aliens and they would turn into people you love to keep you from killing them. Then they'd strike while you hesitated. First one turned into Jesus. I killed it. The second one turned into you. I killed it...
     Mar: Thanks for the love.
     Me: Yep, but whatever, then it turned into Garfield.
     Mar: And you couldn't kill it?
     Me: Nope. It gave me that stare he has like Puss And Boots but with blind eyes.
     Mar: So you died?
     Me: No. I made a deal. It would spare Garfield and I would offer up your family and Salem in exchange. I became its Silver Surfer for love.
     Mar: I'm going to work. And it's Puss In Boots by the way.

other things of possible interest,

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