Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday Night Movie Night with Greek food, perler beads, and Game Of Thrones

     One of my favorite local festivals is the once a year Greek Festival. Mar found a Groupon on their site for free admission so to start our Sunday Night Movie Night Mar, myself, and Queen spent the early part of the day eating and enjoying good music with friends.
     As the parking is pay and the parking lot to the small church that runs the festival isn't that large to begin with we found someplace near by to park and walked there. If you go sometime in the future they usually have a place were you can park and take a free shuttle.
     The following are some photos with brief comments and some not so brief...I tend to run on a bit... or more than a bit:
     We got to the festival early but after walking around the location to see what was all there before doing anything the place was soon packed with people and the lines for food were really long.
They had really good stuff in the bakery area.  Nice pieces also as part of many raffles. The prices in here and at the whole festival were really good too. I mean drinks were under $5 which is a big deal considering how much they are at most events these days. Even water is usually around the $5 range at events.
There was Baklava and Baklava and even a Baklava sundae that had us all talking about it but knowing we'd be eating enough sugar later we stayed away.
Well, except for one small piece for taking home.
They had some cool crafts but I don't' think as many as in previous years. I love the fact that one of the labels for one of the nude statues said "artistic nudes" Way to clarify it people, otherwise there would have been Sodom and Gomorrah in the tent without that label.
Mar and Queen really loved some of the jewelry but I liked the statues.
This was probably my favorite.
This really beautiful mask too.
I got the sampler of food and quickly sat down as Mar and Tina waited for their food. While sitting there I had to keep getting up because people were trying to push wheelchairs between tables. There just wasn't enough room and the people in the wheelchairs keep telling the people pushing them but they wouldn't listen and then had to back out the way them came since there wasn't enough room to turn around. It always pisses me off when you see someone in a wheelchair and the person pushing them is ignoring anything they say.
Mar and Queen got pizza, BOOORING :) But before they got back with their pizza I was saving them both seats. This guy come up with his kid and I told him I was saving the seats and he said, "Don't care, sitting down" Now there were plenty of other seats so it wasn't like there wasn't anywhere else to sit. He just stared at me after sitting down and I told him he was a "Fucking asshole" and when Mar and Queen came with the food he just stared at us and we smiled.
There was also a women yelling all over the place looking for a spot in the shade and I said this to Mar and almost made her spit take, "My names Trudy Beckman and I want a place in the shade!" Archer fans will get that.
That guy I talked about earlier was a full fledged asshole though as I just remembered because I heard him say he didn't let his kid choose what to eat and was pissed the kid didn't want to eat the lamb.
I kept thinking of this,
And again, pizza, BOOORING :)
Before we left Mar got something to take home for later and the line on the road to get into the church for parking as we passed by was backed up miles.

     After the festival we worked on more perler bead projects while watching Game Of Thrones.
     Queen made herself a pair of Minecraft earrings. I took a picture but as you can see from my other pictures my camera sucks and with this picture you couldn't even tell what they were :( but they looked cool :)
     Though it wasn't really hot during the day I think it did take us down a bit because we all were way quieter than usual. Takes a lot to shut us up.
     That or everyone hates me and they talked plenty when I was out of the room.
     Why does everyone hate me?
     That's the sun rotating around me by the way.
     Later we took a quick trip so we would have snacks for Walking Dead and were called stoners for our food choices as we were walking out of the store so that's as good as any way to end this post I think.

     *if you want to see more of the perfler bead stuff we made check out my Tumblr.

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