Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Merch is from The Kingdom Of The Fishes

     To be honest I love desk organizers. i'm weird in a way that I love getting them and using them, though they usually don't last a year. I like having my things in a certain place beside me while working but that doesn't mean I'm not a complete unorganized mess a lot of the time. The desk organizer below has photos from a trip last year to a near by aquarium with friends and I think would be great for a office or kitchen.

other things of possible interest,

     The monthly free Tin Universe story series returns with scenes of insanity, reality, and a mention in there somewhere about some gross gravy. Tin Universe monthly is a short story, vignette, flash fiction series that explores and uncovers the wider Tin Universe leading up to and between books.

     A new issue of Tin Universe Monthly is uploaded and ready to read for free on the 22nd of every month throughout 2014.

     Someone is zombifying athletes at Clear Cut High School in Utah. Lucky the school has its own young superhero in the person of Mildred Betbeze to try and figure out what's going on. Pep rallies, cheerleaders, new kids in the neighborhood are just some of things our hero and her sidekick slash best friend Aisha have to deal with in the first book in Tin Universe's new middle grade series.


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