Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday Night Movie Night with hip checking, cookies, and thrones

     We started the morning cleaning...well, we started the morning trying to find any reason to not get out of bedroom but before any cleaning I made us a big breakfast of white gravy, scrambled eggs, and biscuits so we had plenty of energy. That's the official breakfast choice of mean librarians and delusional writers.
     Though I usually brown up some meat or bacon to put in with everything else when I make a big breakfast but I forgot this time. Next time I guess.
     The cleaning went quicker than we thought it would, or we had just hit the point of "This dump can only be cleaned so much" and we called the Queen and said lets slam this day into gear early since we were going to eat out for once.
     This was the first Sunday Night Movie Night in a few weeks because of different people being sick {for once it wasn't me} so we had a lot to talk about which made eating out for this time even though much of a better fit.
     Plus, MOE'S!
     One of our favorite places to eat in the few times when we eat out is Moe's. Pretty good prices, good portions for the money, and good food also.
     Plus Plus, "WELCOME TO MOE'S!"
     The people who work there must have to down a shit load of double shots every night to get that out of their heads so they can sleep.
     WELCOME TO MOE'S!!!!!
     WELCOME TO MOE'S!!!!!!
     The place was packed so I jumped out of line after telling Mar what I wanted and grabbed us a table. When in line at a busy place its good to have three people in your attack party. One person needs to be there to claim a table and the other two take the duty of being the people who defend the place in line. I'm good for table duty because I'm not above hip checking an old lady to get a nice booth by the window. A window booth is so you can look at those people sitting outside eating. What were they raised in a barn or something?
     After lunch it was time for watching more Game Of Throne as we just started rewatching the whole series during the last Sunday Night Movie Night because Queen hadn't seen any of it yet and we really like it. So far I think she's enjoying it also.
     But we needed snacks so I platted out some Girl Scout cookies and a cut apple.
     While watching Game Of Thrones I commented something I think I say every time I watch the early episodes.
     Me-"Sean Bean and Triple H look like brothers."
     Mar response-"But Vince hasn't taken his head yet."
     Me-"Give him time."
     While watching the show I was also reading Marshal Law: The Deluxe Edition. So far pretty good. I've been wanting to read Marshal Law for years but then found out by surprise that one of our local libraries had a copy of this deluxe edition. "I don't like being a bastard, but they leave me no choice."
     After Mar and Queen went off to watch The Walking Dead I decided it was a good time to catching up myself on Game Of Thrones as I still hadn't seen the second part of season three.
     Again, another good simple fun night with friends.

     Pandora Shuffle While Writing This Blog Entry:
- Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue
- Insane In The Brain by Cyprss Hill
- The River by Garth Brooks
- Girls Just Want To Have Fun
- Right Now by SR-71 {I have no clue who they are. Must be from one of Mar's channels?}
- Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G.
- Superman by Eminem
- Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
- One Piece At A Time by Johnny Cash

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