Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Talking With Mar About eating feelings and Bob's Burgers

     *on Thursdays I post a conversation that has taken place between me and Mar. Usually its by text messages. It's safer for me sometimes because then a librarian doesn't have to strangle her hillybilly delusional writer boyfriend for some of the things he says.

This conversation is joined already in progress. It was because the race ran long.....that joke will probably only be understood by one person who use to watch TBS in the old N.W.A. pro-wrestling days.
Me: Dude he has to be tired of being shown to be so stupid. I know it always wears me out.
Mar: oh hush
Mar: I need to go to the dollar tree again
Me: And today I'm watching the hell out of Doctor Who on Hulu Plus by the way. This free trial may save lives this week the way its going for me.
Mar: Doctor Who cares
Me: Sacrilege. Blasphemer, and I LOVE YOU HONEY!!!
Me: I love you babe. Not as much as Garfield or Doctor Who but more than sugar and hamburgers.
Me: I've eaten like 8 times today. I'm growing fatter by the spoonful
Mar: and then you'll eat those delicious chidens
Me: chiden stew
Mar: yum
Mar: I'm tired from asshole neighbors.
Me: I know people. I'm so this place is such shit hole
Me: I meant- I know babe. I'm sorry this place is such a shit hole.
Me: And I'm such a dumbass
Mar: shut up, fool
Me: Remind me next time I go somewhere to buy some cheap original chips so I'll have them on hand for sandwiches. Me and my pregnant belly are craving chip sandwiches.
Mar: guh-ross
Me: Well, it being so busy just make sure you take your breaks and eat. You use to tell me that over and over when I wasn't an unperson and had a job.
Me: and a sense of self worth.
Me: I'm hungry.
Me: I think I might eat my feelings?
Mar: sh sh sh shhhh
Mar: shut your mouth
Me: What do you mean guh-ross? You put chips on your sandwiches too.
Mar: yea but I like teasing you
Mar: it pleases me
Me: I'm going to put this conversation online.
Me: Because youre mean
Me: Don't use images in our conversations that i'm going to post online. It causes me a lot of cut and paste pains.
Me: Asswipe.

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