Friday, December 13, 2013

Doctor Who, Boobies, and Beer

     Early yesterday I went into a Doctor Who rant on Facebook; which can be a dangerous thing for me when it comes to Doctor Who. It's like a crackhead visiting an old friends house that just so happens to moonlight as a crack house.
     When talking with my friend Touch about the whole spill of what number regeneration and number body is the Doctor currently on I hit rant point and paragraphs came out of me.
     And more now.
     The fucking body and regeneration thing being different numbers is just stupid. If that's the case what number is The Watcher that helped the 4th Doctor regenerate or The Valeyard? It's taking a concept that's complicated to a lot of people to begin with and making it even more completed by trying to explain away things perfectly. There's a difference between creator and fan games, that's a fan game.
     Every time anyone connected with the show tries to explain it they just make it more convoluted. They should of just said when time was changed in regards to the Time War John Hurt's Doctor became a paradox and that's why he regenerated right away into the 9th Doctor, it was time correcting itself. Because that's basically what the story said but NOOOO Moffat and everybody has to feed into fans bullshit and try to please everyone while actually pleasing no one.
     Over and over again people seem to forget fan stands for fanatic. Fans are like a spoiled child by nature. You don't give them candy because they are crying or being good for once, you do sparingly but without a pattern they can take advantage of.
     My problem isn't with people talking about this whole, that's a lot of the fun in any fandom, my problem is with the people working with the show talking about something instead of showing it in a story. Either show it like you want to be in a story{which I had thought they had done} or just say that's for everyone to have a view on.
     Because in the end the internet has this irrational hate on for Moffat and he isn't doing himself any favors by feeding the beast.
     This is the third thing I read him say about this since the special and other people with the show have made comments. Just show with the stories, that's all.

     Later while helping a relative troubleshoot a website problem{You know you don't know shit about something technology based when I'm helping you with tech stuff.}I watched a few episodes of my favorite web series, I'm so behind but I only made a comment on one of them. Sorry to disagree with one of my Gods in John Green but American beer isn't the best. It's only function isn't one of taste but to allow idiots to drink as much beer as possible with other idiots cheering them on because its mainly piss water or around here Brevard County water. Maybe they brew all American beer secretly in this area?

     Another of my Gods is David Lubar. Speaking of him, David Lubar on Twitter is one of the best things about Twitter. Such as = "Fox's Megyn Kelly tells viewers that Jesus was white. I guess it's just a matter of semantics. Or Semitics. Jesus wasn't white. Everyone knows Jesus is an Hispanic name."

     We went out after Mar got home to find some last minute gifts and craft stuff. While Mar was looking for something at the Dollar Store I was talking to someone in an exchange on Facebook about the issue of students being allowed to wear Support The Boobies type stuff at schools.
     My opinion is a lot of people only wear that stuff as an excuse to wear something that says boobies on it and act like its for charity or activism. In this case I stand with these students because boys have had Big Johnson shirts for years and no one goes after them but mention a womens breasts in any way and its STOP THE SMUT!

     When we were out looking for a gift, just before coming home, I ran into someone handing out pamphlets. As someone who has been on that side of things I know its not easy but there is a proper way to do it. You ask, you be polite, and you don't bug people. The following is what I tweeted after this encounter: No PETA person I don't want your pamphlet and you being an asshole when I politely said "No thank you" is one example why your group is shit.
     To say I don't like PETA is an understatement. They only care about publicity and do as much to help save animals, if not less, as your average slaughter house. Egocentric assholes who hide behind supposed activism to play club house party.

     Now for some shameless self-promotion.

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