Sunday, December 15, 2013

Under The Training Book: The Avengers, A Triumvirate Christmas, and Random Poop

     Sample of random stuff I send to friends in Facebook in private messages: If I could type as fast on a phone as I do on a keyboard {as I'm doing now} I would send a personalized message on the half hour of every hour to everyone I know just say NAME, POOP. For example: Queen, Poop. It's a good thing I can't.
     And that's one of many reasons I only have 69 people on my Facebook.

     Watched a bunch of The Avengers the other day while Mar was off to pick up one of her sisters at college and someone asked me a question a lot of The Avengers fans get asked. Which is better the Cathy Gale- Don't Look Behind You or the Emma Peel- The Joker? I say The Joker. Rigg shows fear and strength together from moment to moment.
     I wish they would get all of The Avengers on Netflix because every time I watch my DVDs I think what if they mess up because you can't buy them anymore. I only have a couple Cathy Gale episodes and the 68 set of Tara King and one of The New Avengers, matter of fact I've never seen The New Avengers.
    The Avengers is in my Top-Ten TV Shows Of ALL TIME!!!! Love this show and it had a great influence on my humor and the way I approach some stories I write.

     While Mar was in Orlando they stopped off at a British store there. We have one near us, which is much better, but why not try to see what this one has? Mar's mom bought groupons for the place for everyone but we will never go back there because they were such jerks.
     Everything her family tried to get the people said the groupons wouldn't cover because the items are seasonal. They considered all cookies seasonal, all Doctor Who stuff seasonal, just about everything seasonal. They also said you had to spend over the groupon amount; which is bullshit. In the case of these types of groupons if you don't spend the groupon full amount you just loose the rest, you don't get anything back.
     Ok, one business that will never get another dime from us.

     Our first Sunday Night Movie night in a few weeks. It was gift exchange day for the Triumvirate as we watched Harry Potter movies, went to see the new Hobbit, and ate breakfast for lunch.
Someone at Mar's job got her this Dalek ornament but Mar isn't much for Doctor Who really. This will go to further building my Dalek army.
Queen got me this Mr. Potato Head Dalek.
Mar made this Effie ipad cover for Queen.
We found this plushie Jesse from Breaking Bad for Queen at our local comic book store, Famous Faces And Funnies.
Queen got this game, Last Night On Earth, for Mar.

      Now for some shameless self-promotion.

 From the Tin Universe Store:

     Above is the third poster I made for myself as inspiration. I decided to also make them avaliable in the store because you never know, they might inspire someone else also. There are also a lot more Tin Universe materials in that store, many featuring the covers to my new book coming out on the 22nd of this month. It will be available for download on my Smashwords store for $1.00 per download. Like I've said before if you buy something from one of my stories I'll email you a PDF of Tin Universe Middle Grade Series #1 for free. All you need to do is put STORE ORDER RECEIPT in the subject box of an email with a copy of your order confirmation attached and send to

     If you are interested in being part of the street team to get the word out go here and learn more.

Mildred Betbeze, Tin Universe Middle Grade Series #1
“Zombified people make me itch so I’d rather not touch.”


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