Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Under The Training Book: Why Does The Delete Key Scream Fail To Me?

     Why does the delete key look like it actually says fail as my finger goes to press it. These thoughts have been plaguing me the past week as I stare at a paragraph in my current WIP that I just can't get right, or even close to right, or even in a state of understanding as is the way of the top of my talent level. What needs to be said in this paragraph is really important to the story but I'm at the point of just deleting it because I can't wrap my fingers around it properly in any fashion that works.
     And so is the life of a writer.
     Even a mediocre one such as myself.

     The 15 Best Book Covers of 2013:
     I might piss off some photographer and design friends, and maybe a writer friend or two, with what I'm about to say but if these are the best prose book covers of 2013 its just another example of what I've always said about how bad a lot of prose covers, especially YA prose covers really are.
     I could grab you a 500 comic book covers from books released this year that put these to shame but publishers are lazy and cheap and that's why they go with photo covers or just fonted covers as I call them.
     And if you want photo covers, if that is your preference, there are tons of very talented and creative photographers out there but that would mean the publishers would have to, you know, think a little.
     Plus, I'd like to add, as a self-publisher I hate that this puts a bad image in the heads of self-publishers in regards to what is a good cover for their books.

     Nancy Drew and the Case of the Politically Incorrect Children’s Books:
     Should children still be reading these books? Yes yes and yes because not only would your child be reading but it would be a good teaching moment between parent and child. People seem to run from those situations like they are on fire.
     Enjoying and reading books which contain.... well, anything from the past or present that shows the times we live or lived in is a good thing. Otherwise we would be cutting huge chunks out of the history of the great story and white washing a past in the hidden disguise of FOR THE CHILDREN.
     Though to be honest,are kids reading Nancy Drew unless their parents are pushing them to?
     After I posted that on Facebook the following exchange happen between me and Mar,
     Mar: My favorite thing ever is when people want kids to read these great, wholesome CLASSICS. Because children will learn good, moral VALUES from them. As opposed to that filth that's out today.
     Me: Like when people want their kids to read Sherlock Holmes instead of modern books. You mean the books where the lead character is a drug addict?
     Mar: "Won't someone please think of the children"
     Me: "Those delicious chidens"
     Me: When I was a kid no one was abused, kidnapped, bullied, or hurt. Everyone walked around whistling jingle tunes and had rainbows shooting out of their asses. You could see the cross on the hill in every eye and people only had sex really fast and then didn't ever think of it again. It's this modern world. It's so bad, So very very bad.
     Mar: Did you also walk 10 miles in the snow for these joyous books?
     Me: No, through tornadoes of Hell's birds and floods of Satan's teeth.
     Mar: Your weird has no shame.

     Speaking of no shame. Now for some shameless self-promotion.
 From the Tin Universe Store:
Tin Universe, Middle Grade Series #1 postcard

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Mildred Betbeze, Tin Universe Middle Grade Series #1
“Zombified people make me itch so I’d rather not touch.”


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