Monday, December 2, 2013

Now That November Is Over

     Now that NaNo is over and once again the fun of doing NaNoWriMo has not only given me a lot of energy to write 50,000 plus words in one month, it also has shoved down my throat energy for months of writing and fighting and telling people to fuck off and yes, even, a little hope in the new year.

      This month I wont be online in a way that people will notice much, beside random Twitter posts, and will be focused in December on getting everything ready for the release of Tin Universe Middle Grade Series #1.
      Writing my first middle grade book came at a point when I was working on an adult book and over and over I moved back seven steps and forward two and nothing was coming from it so I decided to just sit in a corner in one of our local libraries the way all my writing first started and what I wrote over that day as I filled a notebook was what would become the first book in the Tin Universe middle grade series.
      Funny how things happen that way when writing. I had tried so many times in the past to write a middle grade book but it just never worked out. Hell, The Past Forward started out that way and ended up becoming a YA book when I finished it.
     I think this book might be the most fun I've ever had writing and it also adds to the regular Tin Universe line of books so even though its a middle grade series written for younger readers if you are a following of the Tin Universe stories and you OLD you will still get something from reading these books.

     The 22nd of December is both my birthday and more importantly when I have released my books in the past. With Stereo, The Past Forward, and now with the first Mildred Betbeze book its me once again remarking the day to mean something to me.

      At least I think its when I have released them?
      Remembering wrong is a regular ramble for me these days.

      One of the things I've been working on of late is new merchandise designs for new stores at Zazzle. I'm creating a store for all the materials coming out in 2014. Below are a couple things so go buy. The stores don't have a ton of stuff right now but that will change as new merch is released every month in 2014 the same time as stories are released. 

      Remember these items, they make good Christmas gifts or birthday gifts if if you are also so cursed to have a December birthday.

     Become a walking billboard for me :)

     Also also the pennies they'll help me do selfish things like go to the doctor or buy medicines or corn dogs. CORN DOGS ARE SO IMPORTANT!

     Also also also if you buy something from one of my stories I'll email you a PDF of Tin Universe Middle Grade Series #1 for free. All you need to do is put STORE ORDER RECEIPT in the subject box of an email with a copy of your order confirmation attached and send to

And since over the past few years I've gotten requests to turn some of the crazy that pukes from me on Twitter and Facebook  into things to sale I created a miscellaneous System Productions store which offers such things as the below poster:


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