Thursday, December 19, 2013

Under The Training Book: Reality TV, Netflix Watching, and WRITER FREAK OUT!

     Reality TV has the most one dimensional characters on TV. It happens because the networks hide unfriendly characteristics or complex characteristics unless its part of the script. We buy into a fantasy of a not even well crafted "reality" and ignore the truth. We do the same thing with the news and politics and that is way more dangerous but just as much of a judgment on us as a society.
     If people stopped for a second and judged these shows as fiction, which is what they are, as fictional as pro-wrestling, if people did that they would see how crappy these shows really are. Unlike pro-wrestling most reality shows couldn't tell a decent story as judged by the ways fiction stories are judged.
     Reality TV is suppose to give us a look into other peoples lives but in fact all it does it push stereotypes, hump popular culture, and put us against each other when those false walls fall and we see true reality from the people on these shows.
     One of the things that always amazed me about the success of Duck Dynasty is how many people I know who wouldn't watch a show about rich people and buy their products putting further money into already rich pockets to save their lives but they bought into every aspect of this show because, hey, these rich character had on hunting clothes and Wal-Mart sold their stuff. Talk about good marketing pointed perfectly at the right shells willing to be shucked out of their money.
     Oh, and one more comment. Look up what censorship is people. Someone having problems with something someone else said isn't censorship. Neither is your bosses suspending you for something you said.

     How many times can a writer hit delete and then undo with the same chapter? Took me a week to delete something in a story yesterday story that just was not working, and that not working was holding things up and today I'm back in the race.

     Yesterday after a dinner of BBQ baked beer chicken with cherry tomatoes and pearl onions I started watching Lilyhammer on Netflix. Lilyhammer looks like it might be interesting show though I don't think I like the led much but with the subtitles I'll have to watch more later when I'm not writing every chance I get.
     From there I finished Ripper Street, also on Netflix. I hope Netflix gets season 2 of Ripper Script. I liked it a lot. Some actors I really like on it too.
     Now as I'm writing this I'm watching The Inspector Lynley Mysteries while writing. Though its a pain that Netflix has them all listed separate and not as a series. One of the episodes I watched yesterday had a really young Henry Cavill in it. He was Head Boy! And Bill Nighy was the head of the school. That's Superman and Rufus Scrimgeour in one story.

     Right now I'm in panic mode as the release of Mildred Betbeze, Tin Universe Middle Grade Series #1 is coming in a few days and every time I look it over to try and spot any errors I've made since the last edit I FREAK FREAK FREAK. This book means a lot to me because its the most fun I've ever had writing anything. Well, until now :)

     Speaking of which. Now for some shameless self-promotion.
 From the Tin Universe Store:

     I already ordered one of these notebooks for myself for writing future books in the middle grade series. There are also a lot more Tin Universe materials in that store, many featuring the covers to my new book coming out on the 22nd of this month. It will be available for download on my Smashwords store for $1.00 per download. Like I've said before if you buy something from one of my stories I'll email you a PDF of Tin Universe Middle Grade Series #1 for free. All you need to do is put STORE ORDER RECEIPT in the subject box of an email with a copy of your order confirmation attached and send to

     If you are interested in being part of the street team to get the word out go here and learn more.

Mildred Betbeze, Tin Universe Middle Grade Series #1
“Zombified people make me itch so I’d rather not touch.”


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