Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Get The Word Out

 If you're interested lets celebrate the release of Tin Universes first middle grade book by buying this set of flyers and passing them out to anyone you think might be interested.

     Be part of the street team. Hang the flyers up around town, hit the coffee shops, comic book stores, and libraries. Hand them out to friends who have preteen kids, put them up on your colleges bulletin boards, etc.

     Place a flyer wherever flyers are allowed to be posted. (Always ALWAYS ask permission to post a flyer and learn the laws where you live as to what rules apply.)

     Also if you just want to print flyers on your home printer....or work printer (just be careful) print out  the below image for flyers or bookmarks or follow your own creativity and make something and let me know and I'll post it here. Just remember to follow same above when it comes to knowing where you can post and leave things.


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