Friday, January 3, 2014

Generation Of A God: Introductions And Fights- Part 1

     Generation Of A God #1 marks the beginning of a monthly webcomic series that will be released on the God Mark site every month on the 3rd of each month. The first story is Introductions And Fights and the first part is this teaser cover image.
     The whole of this story was released in the past in print but now I've reworked it into what I hope is a very creative and interesting way of presenting it anew.
     The original art is by Jeremy Massie. This was done a long time ago when I was in college and the artist was in high school and I wanted to work with some local artists and had several recommended to me by my local comic book store near by hometown.
     I had a lot of fun working on this with the artist and have been trying to get a hold of him for a while to see if he would like to work on it more in the future. Hopefully something will come of that reaching out.
     I representing free for all to view with new lettering, altered dialogue, and spot coloring for everyone to read because the story is already out there in the world as I get emails every so often because someone finds it in a comic book store somewhere but I also wanted to correct the big mistakes I make in lettering and dialogue and get it out to even more people.
     So come back here on the 3rd each month and I hope you will enjoy a bit from my past writing brain and my current writing brain remixed together.

     Generation Of A God #1 is the the 3rd installment in the God Mark universe but you don't have to have read the previous stories to enjoy anything.
But if you wish to Chaos Read #1

     The God Mark is not only another universe for my stories but it was one of the first times I let myself go nuts and just drip out the thoughts from my brain. That comes with a lot of mistakes but also bleeds out a lot of creativity and ideas and lessons learned.

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