Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Under The Training Book: New Merch is a notebook about being a writer

     First up a change in blogging schedule. I was stupid trying to post my Sunday Night Movie Night entries night of because after spending time with my friends I come home and even if I don't go to sleep I'm in no shape to write up a ton of stuff and work on pictures and so those entries will be moved to Monday and on Sunday now will be Questioned stuff so I can do it in the morning before getting ready for the days fun. One of the things that makes doing these daily blog entries work for me right now is I start my day working on them so its a good creative energy shot to the system.
     But enough about my delusions of readership, this is Tuesday and Tuesday is New Merch day where once a week I post something new I created for one of my Zazzle Stores. Creating these items are another creative release for me.
     I made the below linked notebook a couple weeks ago after me saying something on Twitter about how it took me years to find any sort of peace with my writing. I put my response on the cover of the notebook with a pictures from going to see Tron 2 in 3D years ago.
     When I create new merchandise items I try to create stuff I would like to buy. I wouldn't mind having one of these notebooks in my ready to go notebook stack, to be there when the need calls. And I will be buying more stuff from my Zazzle stores when I get a new job and when that happens I'll also post reviews of the final product to let people in all honesty what I think about the product.

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