Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday Night Movie Night with chili, Game Of Thrones, and non-shitting babies

     After a couple nights cancelled because of life the gang is back together for another Sunday Night Movie Night. It's a gathering of crazy on the scale of a morning thought from Warren Ellis or being inside the head of the great Phyllis Diller during sex.
     There was talk about pregnant men in love with rejecting cops, non-shitting babies, Bieber, books, food, and scary ways to die all while watching National Treasure and Game Of Thrones.
     But before we get to any of that, though most of our conversations couldn't make it into a blog entry without arrests and shutdowns to follow, cleaning must happen. Our apartment is a falling apartment, owned by fuckcraps, shit zone but we try to clean it the best we can, especially when we have royalty coming over.
     Cleaning is one of the best things about Sunday Night Movie Night. No really. It makes me get off my ass and clean the place from top to bottom....or close to it at least once a week when I've been lazy during the week emoing about  my life.
     Though I think we may have killed another vacuum already and we just got this one on Black Friday.
     Let me change that to the cats and crappy carpet killing another vacuum.
     After I started cleaning I stopped for a break to make breakfast before we forget to eat. Turkey and cheese scrambled eggs. While cooking I was singing Don't Stope Believin in the kitchen to protest signs from mar and the cats.
     As I cleaned Mar made chili and cornbread. It's one of the few dishes she makes but its always really good. This time she experimented and tried chopped tomatoes instead of tomato paste. I think it worked out really good.
     I texteded Queen to see if she was up and also let her know my rapping to Mo Money Mo Problems was something she was missing out on. You people should be jealous you don't get to listen to the glorious noise that is me trying to sing. That's more motivation for me to start a YouTube channel.
     On the drive to pick up Queen we stopped off at the grocery store. I drooled over bad grocery store sushi because even bad sushi is sushi. We grabbed some tea and then hit back on the road listening to AFI and arguing over which is the better CD of theirs. I say it's Decemberunderground. I think I win.
     I also do.
     I don't.
     The drive back had from picking Queen up had her telling stories and me telling her she seriously needs to write a book. She's really talented and I think some the stories she tells would make great short stories or a flash fiction collection. I've read stories she's written before and actually as I type this I'm bugging her to do it by text messages.
     Queen made cookies and her mom made rice for us. Her mother and her are great cooks. I love her moms rice big time. I don't know what she does but it always turns out better than mine. Maybe it's the magical pot she cooks it in. I should have snatched it and took it to a lab for study to uncover its secrets.
     It didn't take the ladies long to to find their seats and get into talk, a movie, and the cookies. Though I had already eaten several on the drive back to the apartment.
     Everyone thinks I sit in the back so Queen and Mar can talk.
     Not true.
     I set in the back so I sneak and eat any food that just so happens to be sitting to the side of me.
     We winged it on what to do for the night. Thought about playing games or just watching the National Treasure movies but when we found out Queen hadn't seen Game Of Thrones and wanted to after the first film we were watching boobs, beheadings, and butts, and trying not to spoil anything for her but its so hard.
     Mar found herself looking up something she thought I was making up but it turned out I was right.
     How do you like that lady.
     Queen was, as she usually does, trying not to have her picture taken by me but I'm a sneaky bastard at times.
     Inside joke, sorry.
     As usual the drive to take Queen home was just as entertaining as any other part of the night, sometimes even better because on the drive we are tired and more than likely to be even crazier.
     Having friends to spend time with is a very good thing to have in your life. Friends, food, and the willingness to always GO THERE is a hallmark when these three people get together.
     After Mar went to bed I tried to stay up watching The Day Of The Doctor and write this blog entry but failed completely.

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