Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Under The Training Book: While Writing There Was Bad Samaritans and The Police

      Recently I watched more random first episodes of shows on Netflix while writing. The following are my brief thoughts about each one and whether I will be adding them to my Netflix queue…it’s still a fucking queue, I ant having with any of this “My List” bullshit. You can take our freedom Netflix but you can never take OUR QUEUES!!
     It's 8:08am, you think you'll getting comedy gold.
     Bad Samaritans: The little A-Team like sequence was pretty good but otherwise…nope, sorry. Again a show that wants to have an edge but in fact has as much of an edge as a basketball or the universe. If I an high network person and I watched this pilot I would send it back with a note that said “Watch My Name Is Earl and come back after you put more hard work into this.”
     Traffic Light: I can almost taste the hipster vibes coming off this show and it tastes like thinking you are doing something no one else understands but the truth is you are just as lame as someone trying to enter a swimming competition when you can’t, in fact, you know, swim.
     Sons Of Tucson: I like Tyler Labine a lot so maybe this will turn out to be good.  Old school sitcom premise but besides Labine nothing appealing. Again, another U.S. sitcom that doesn't see that it's walking into dark waters and needs to play within them to make things pay off to their full potential. This show is so close that I want to give it another go and watch more but so many things in my queue and so little time. Might change my mine later though.
     Accidentally On Purpose: Will I have anything to enter my queue from this group? I’m betting against it looking at the surface and description of this show. I like Jenna Elfman and Ashley Jensen. I like Jenna Elfman and Ashley Jensen. I like….. I think you get my feelings on this.
     *Next week, I’m probably going to watch some randomly picked anime series and watch the first episodes of those. The random picks are Attack On Titan, Black Butler, Welcome To The NHK, and Tenchi Muyo GXP.

      While writing this playing on my Pandora shuffle:
-Blood Of Heroes by Megadeth
-Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police
-Some Unholy War by Amy Winehouse
-I Don't Wanna Be In Love by Good Charlotte
-Meant To Live by Switchfoot
-Angel On My Bike by The Wallflowers
-It's Not My Time by 3 Doors Down
-Unwell by Matchbox Twenty {this song sums me up pretty perfect right now in my life
     {Is Walgreens the only ads on Pandora because its the only ones I ever get?}
-Moneytalks by AC/DC
-Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance
     {Today's playlist shuffle seems to have been more Mar's music than mine. Probably pissed that I played Hank Green songs over and over all day yesterday and skipped way more than you are meant to.}
     *I might start putting the while writing music lists on all my blog entries? I enjoy all kinds of music and also like talking music and discovering new musical artists I haven't heard before.

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