Saturday, January 18, 2014

Under The Training Book: Brain Leakage from pizza person torture to empirelism

     Welcome to Brain Leakage Fridays where if your not following my Twitter and Facebook you will get to see some of the random thoughts and postings I drop and roll onto the internet.
     "Drop and roll onto the internet"?
     I have no clue either?
     If you do follow me on Twitter and Facebook I'll try to expand on these thoughts a little more to make it worth reading again.
     This didn't post on Friday for some reason and I can't find it saved anywhere; so I'm going to post it here, now, a day late on Saturday and Saturdays entry will post tonight.

     *When it comes to posting conversations here I have with people on other social networks I don't do it without asking permission; so to save time from having to contact people I'm not going to include those things here unless I can post my side of the conversation and it still be worth reading.
     Plus, I use Twitter a lot and you don't want me to post everything here from a week all at once.
     I'm also going to try and not post something that I'm posted on the blog before in another entry.
     I make blogging way to complicated. No wonder I take long breaks sometimes and don't blog for long stretches. I make it such a big to do.
     Fridays will be sort of a recap of my brain leakage during the week with maybe some corrected spelling and bits of extra bullshit.... or after a lot of copy and pasting I'm just hit publish and get on with it.
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I like to send the pizza person out into bad weather and answer the door as Professor Chaos!
I haven't had one soda to start the new year but these headaches are making me weak  willed and pissed off.
Found Doctor Who: Series 7 Part 2 at Wal-Mart really cheap while picking up incense and computer screen wipes. Score.
Up late writing with The Trial Of A Time Lord playing in the background.
I've been blogging basically every day in 2014 so thinking about going back to themed days???
Though then I'll probably stop because you know...blogging and usually when I make a blogging sch the drive to blog jumps out my brain.
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters while trying to make my way through some emails and stuffs.
That movie was ok. Some cool visuals. Nothing I'd watch again but standard stuff and good for Netflix viewing.
Now to get some writing done with All Creatures Great And Small playing in the background.
writing break to eat and watch Drinking Buddies.
Drinking Buddies wasn't what I was expecting. Watched because of Wilde/Kendrick but it was good. Some really good subtle performances.
watched Toast. A 4 star movie. Good writing and acting. 
Me"Its to early for questions." Mar"Well stop saying stupid things." Me"Thats too big of a demand on our relationship."
watching House On Haunted Hill to start my writing day
My lunch jam is watching Waiting For God and eating sun dried tomato hummus.
Good fan news on the Gotham show and the Ant-Man movie. Cool stuff.
People get upset to just be upset because you know it had to be a name from the comics and the right one OR EVERYTHINGS RUINED
Stuck In The Middle With You just came on our Pandora and here I am without a ear in reach not my own.
I just today caught up with web shows that started stacking up before Nov. Now to try and catch up on podcasts.
I woke up, flipped on Pandora, and Come On Eileen is the soundtrack to starting my day.
Talent includes ability, also effort and goals. I think learning what your true goals are is important. Then the doors change.
I learned a while back the doors I wanted to open weren't really for me. I was my worst enemy because I saw stars and not roads.
I love Ed Wood.
A friend gave me a recipe for roasted orange garlic chicken breasts. Writing break to get that prepped into the marinating phase of things.
Five minutes ago I was in the kitchen prepping stuff dancing and singing to Stronger. You are so jealous you don't get to hang out with me?
How to get work done when you are waiting for an email that you'll need to answer right back?.... Well, I'm waiting for an answer?
In the ancient times of the internet a great philosopher said something something something about a watched inbox.
Since Jesus by definition is a demigod, then I wonder when he will make a appearance in a Rick Riordan book?
With some much great fan art online I don't understand why more companies don't say "We'll pay you for that and commission more"
The best posters, DVD case art, and t-shirt designs I see are fan created and companies are stupid in business not seeking these talents out.
Did someone out there say, Girl Scout cookies soon..... ? ? ?
So Florida, you start the year with a dog fucker and someone shot in a theater for texting. Way to cheap the charm going.
My today is now tomorrow. My yesterday was in the kitchen. The future is a hard work.
Pandora starts my day with Turn The Page by Bob Seger. Seems appropriate to me.
I haven't had any soda in the new year and not much sugar at all either. I bought some tea yesterday IT HAS SOME SUGAR IN IT !
Rolling In The Deep by Adele is a good song to start the day with.
Our Pandora shuffle goes from Adele to Merle Haggard to Maroon 5 to Ramones to N.W.A.
Normal writing day. Spontaneously jump up singing stuff like "Anyway you want it, that's the way..." and then calmly get back to writing.
Isn't saying your story is like "------" and "------" sort of the fan fiction of marketing? Something you should grow away from in time?
Pandora just hit me with American Pie. Where's my stage to begin singing and acting out what each part means?
Bringing a kid to a noisy resturant BAR and expecting them to behave shows a great deal of selfishness on your part.
People who wear a ear blue tooth make pager people from the 80's look cool.
Dinner is fish & chips, tator balls, and smashed tators. Its a starch feast.
3 out of 5 stars for Andre The Giant: Life And Legend.
3 out of 5 stars for The Shadow: The Light Of The World.

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     Two years ago I had a revelation that I wanted to be a writer. Not a published writer, not a famous writer, not a well read writer, and not a "------" writer. A writer. Many may not see what that means but it meant everything to me. Life changing.
     Friend-"If you don't like Superman much then give me a quick without thinking description of him as he is to you." Me-"Big strong white guy comes to a foreign land to help save the native people from themselves. Kind of sounds like empirelism doesn't it?" I actually never thought of Superman that way until that moment.
     A friends response to someone saying she can't comment on the treatment of children because she doesn't have any. "Ok, then lets show snatches or rip that fucking bumper sticker off your truck and stop telling me how to use my vagina asshole!"
     Everything is about using the days you might have left to do what makes you you. We aren't promised a fucking thing for tomorrow, not even a tomorrow, but we all do have a today until its gone.

     Tin Universe #12 The Tin Universe series that started it all...all being one novella, one novel, and about nine short stories, returns this month. And a plus it's free. Ever month you get free me to plug into your brain holes. 

     Someone is zombifying athletes at Clear Cut High School in Utah. Lucky the school has its own young superhero in the person of Mildred Betbeze to try and figure out what's going on. Pep rallies, cheerleaders, new kids in the neighborhood are just some of things our hero and her sidekick slash best friend Aisha have to deal with in the first book in Tin Universe's new middle grade series.


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