Friday, January 10, 2014

Under The Training Book: Reality Beards, Alan Moore's Sad, And Couple In Trouble

     There are just some days when you want to watch the veins pop out through the foreheads of assholes. With me that's every time I get together with family...or Mar's family.... or friends.... or strangers who send me long, really really long rant filled emails.

Wait? What? But reality?
     Liking things that aren't real is fine. It's the basis of every religion in the world and some really bad porn but being delusional to stuff like this is stupid. You there sending my inbox emails with Bible quotes with camo backgrounds, you are stupid and you are making the rest of humanity look bad defending reality TV and it's rich asswhipes like these pricks. You know whats the difference between the the Kardashians and the Duck Dynasty family.... NOTHING YOU DIPSHIT!!!

    Dipshits in beards.

     I've gone from not liking what Alan Moore has to say to thinking what he says is the state of sad voice of creativity that no one gives a shit about anymore. He no longer has movies being made from his books to ramble about, he no longer has Before Watchmen to ramble about, he no longer can act like he has been harmed worse than any other creator in comics history to ramble about, and so now he's playing these are my enemies and they have harmed me in some way. Sad.

    Speaking of sad.

    Yesterday cat under foot caused burger in the air and said face on me  I admit I thought for a second, no one else is around, five second rule and all that. I was pissed to throw away a nice uneaten burger because Salem's an asshole. Garfield and him went straight for it and I picked up the still really hot burger right before kitty met noms. Garfield is pretty much blind as a bat but his burger radio skills are crack on.

     Mar and I have developed crack skills at being smartasses with each other online.

     Mar and I sometimes get into usual conversation on Facebook. Example is the following:
     It's her living space and looks cool. Not really that much money when you research renovation and building costs. And it's her money people. Hell, Mar in a second would have a Hobbit house if we could afford it and put a police box in front of a garage to create a TARDIS office for me.
     Mar: I am not letting a TARDIS fuck up my hobbit house. Unacceptable.
     Me: Remember we talked about this. The TARDIS would be in front as the door to go into the outback yard garage.
     Mar: Ew. No. We talked. We did not agree. Nope. Build your own imaginary house.
     Me: Listen you and your too long to read books and nothing but walking movies should know their place and get on board some really storytelling.
     Mar:  "some really storytelling"?
     Me: Really good, you Hobbit Nazi
Mar posted this image from one of her favorite movies.
And this image Harry Potter
Me: Lord of the Rings fan =
Me: Doctor Who fan =
Me: You were just served.
Mar: matt smith has not eyebrows. unacceptable.
I posted this
     Mar: Nope. Star Wars, not Who. Doesn't count.
     Me: Both better than Lord Of The Rings
     Mar: NOPE
     Me: Star Wars, better than Lord Of The Rings. Doctor Who, better than Lord Of The Rings. Oh, and Titanic, most overrated movie in the history of history.
     Since her lunch break was over and she I had to get back to work I WON!!!

     Go over to my Tumblr were I usually keep things pretty light and talk about TV shows I've watched, movies, and sometimes roller derby madness. Right now I'm on a kick of watching the first episodes of shows picked on Netflix at random.

     Also check out my Twitter for a lot of brain leakage.

     I haven't had one soda to start the new year but these headaches are making me weak willed and pissed off and ready to write really long blog entries.

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